Google announces update for 'Android Auto' for cars, adding Google Cast for Android Automotive OS, allowing users to watch video streaming services and play 'Angry Birds'

Google offers '

Android Auto ' for some cars, which connects a smartphone to the vehicle's display and operates Android apps. On May 15, 2024, Google announced updates to Android Auto and Android Automotive OS .

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Google announced an update for Android Auto with new apps and casting support

The Android Auto update announced by Google on May 15, 2024 will allow you to use entertainment apps such as streaming services Max and Peacock , and the game app Angry Birds in your car. Please note that these entertainment apps can only be used when the car is stopped.

In addition, the Uber driver app is now available on Android Auto, allowing drivers to receive rides and deliveries and view route guidance without using their smartphones.

In addition, Google is rolling out ' Car ready mobile apps ' that make it easy to create new apps and experiences for Android Auto. This will make it much easier to release existing mobile apps for cars. Car ready mobile apps are scheduled to be rolled out to all developers within the next few months.

In addition to Android Auto, Google is also developing the in-car operating system Android Automotive OS. It was also announced that Android Automotive OS will support ' Google Cast '. This will allow users to stream content from their smartphones or tablets. According to Google, this feature will be added gradually, starting with some models of electric car manufacturer Rivian .

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