The picture drawn by the image generation AI ``Midjourney'' took first place at the art fair and the human artist was furious

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AI that can generate high-precision images such as ' Stable Diffusion ' has appeared, and while many paintings that are comparable to those of humans have been produced, it is also being viewed as a problem that the concept of copyright for works of art called paintings is fading. Recently, it has become a hot topic that a picture generated by the image generation AI ' Midjourney ', which appeared a step ahead of Stable Diffusion, won first place at a certain competition.

An AI-Generated Artwork Won First Place at a State Fair Fine Arts Competition, and Artists Are Pissed pissed

In the digital art category of the 150th Colorado Fair held from August 26, 2022, a painting submitted by a person named Jason Allen won first place. The picture in question was generated by Midjourney, not Mr. Allen himself, and artist Genelle Jumaron commented, ``It's shit,'' in response to AI winning over humans.

Allen said that in creating this painting, he generated hundreds of images in Midjourney based on his own prompts, fine-tuned them, and finally selected and submitted the remaining three images. . The only other thing Allen did was fine-tune the image with Photoshop and enlarge the image with Gigapixel AI.

With Midjourney's painting winning, Jumalon and other human artists accuse AI of hastening the death of creative work. ``If creative jobs are threatened by machines, jobs that require highly skilled skills are at risk of becoming obsolete,'' OmniMorpho said. I felt a sense of crisis about losing my job to

On the other hand, Mr. Allen said, 'I knew it was controversial.' Allen said, 'Critics judge art by' production method '.From an extreme point of view, a picture drawn by an artist upside down should be evaluated differently from other artists. Is it?”, questioning the trend of evaluating “who drew it and how” instead of the work itself. Allen also said, ``I imagine that critics are trying to create a category called 'AI art' to make different evaluations.'

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