Google is testing a virtual Chrome OS on Android devices, and it could become possible to use Chromebook apps on Android

While Google develops 'Android' as an OS for smartphones and tablets, it also develops 'Chrome OS' for PCs. The two are being developed with the aim of creating a synergistic effect, but since Chrome OS comes with the Android runtime, you can use Android apps on Chromebooks equipped with Chrome OS, but you cannot use Chrome OS apps on Android devices. However, it has recently been revealed that Google is testing running Chrome OS on Android devices.

Exclusive: Google is experimenting with running Chrome OS on Android

Google may have shown off a Pixel 8 running ChromeOS

Google will hold a technology conference called 'Google I/O 2024' from 2:00 a.m. on May 15, 2024, Japan time, and announce a number of new services and new information.

There were no announcements of new Chrome OS devices, but according to Android Authority, a news site that specializes in Android information, Google is providing smartphone manufacturers with virtualization tools to run Chrome OS on Android.

However, it is unclear whether this feature will be included in future Pixel models.

Google was once actively working on a project called Andromeda that would merge Android and Chrome OS, but despite rumors of a device on the way, the project never got any further.

Will the new OS 'Andromeda', which combines Google's Android and Chrome OS, be released on multiple devices? - GIGAZINE

According to Android Authority, Hiroshi Lockheimer, who was vice president of Android, Chrome OS, and Google Play in late 2016, said in a podcast, 'There's no point in merging Chrome OS and Android. They're both successful, so we just want to make sure they benefit from each other. That's why we introduced seamless updates for Chrome OS to Android, and why we support Android apps on Chrome OS. You'll see more cross-pollination , but it's not about merging them.'

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