The possibility that Windows 10 will be installed in the flagship model "Pixelbook" of Chromebook

The high-end model and the reference model of Google Chromebook with Chrome OS "Pixelbook"There is movement to install Microsoft's Windows 10.

Google Pixelbook may receive Windows 10 certification from Microsoft

Smartphone development community In the XDA Developers forum, evidence of preparatory work for loading Windows 10 on a Chromebook has been pointed out. The contents are "WHCK" and "HLK" in the commit and code review of Chrome OS "Windows Hardware Certification Kit" and "Windows Hardware Lab KitA description that seems to show that it was found to be found. From here, it is thought that Google is cooperating with Microsoft to make Windows 10 run on Pixelbook.

Description of "WHCK"

Description of "HLK"

For Pixelbook, Google can run another OS on behalf of Chrome OS "AltOSThe existence of mode was pointed out.RedditIn addition to Linux, the target OS of AltOS, the OS that is being developed by Google for some timeFuchsia"It is pointed out that" There is a possibility of dual boot with Windows 10? ", But as I found out a description about Windows called WHCK · HLK, on ​​the Chromebook The possibility of booting Windows 10 is growing at a stroke.

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