Apple aims to release AI-optimized 'M4 chip' by 2024

Bloomberg's Mike Gurman, who is familiar with the latest Apple news, reports that Apple is expected to announce a new chip called 'M4' sometime in 2024 that will focus on improving AI capabilities.

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Apple is developing its own SoC called 'Apple Silicon' for Macs, and announced its first product, the 'M1,' in November 2020.

The first Apple Silicon for Mac, the 'M1' chip, is now available, equipped with the world's fastest CPU manufactured using the 5nm process - GIGAZINE

They will then announce the '

M2 ' in June 2022, and the 'M3' manufactured using a 3nm process rule in October 2023.

Apple announces next-generation M series 'M3', 'M3 Pro' and 'M3 Max', the first 3nm process chip for Mac - GIGAZINE

Until now, new chips have been announced at intervals of more than a year, but according to Gurman, Apple is close to starting production of the next 'M4'. Gurman said that there is a possibility that Apple will hold an event and announce it around October 2024, around the same time as the 'M3' announcement.

The 'M4' is said to be a chip optimized to improve AI performance, and there are plans to roll out iMacs equipped with the 'M4,' as well as high-end 14-inch MacBook Pros and 16-inch MacBook Pros, low-end 14-inch MacBook Pros, and Mac minis from late 2024 to 2025.

Garman said that the M4 will have three development code names: 'Hidra' for the high-end, 'Brava' for the mid-range, and 'Donan' for the low-end. The M3, which will be announced in October 2023, will be available in three models: 'M3 Max,' 'M3 Pro,' and 'M3,' and it is expected that the M4 will take over from these.

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