Google announces that it has blocked or deleted over 5.5 billion ads and over 12.7 million advertiser accounts for policy violations in 2023 alone

Google has released a report on the safety of Google ads in 2023.

Our 2023 Ads Safety Report

Google reports blocking or removing more than 5.5 billion ads and suspending 12.7 million advertiser accounts in 2023. We also blocked or restricted advertising on more than 2.1 billion public pages and sites that violate our policies, including sexually explicit content and dangerous products, and took action on more than 395,000 public sites. It seems like it is.

Google Ads has stated that it will focus on the following three things in 2023.

◆1: Strengthening enforcement using generated AI
Google has long used machine learning to enforce advertising policies. Large-scale language models (LLMs), which have emerged in recent years, can check and interpret content at high speed and in large quantities, and can also capture important nuances within the content. Therefore, Google says that it has strengthened its enforcement of advertising by using methods such as ``learning new trends in financial services and identifying patterns of malicious advertisers who exploit those trends.''

◆2: Initiatives to prevent fraud
In order to crack down on online fraud and fraudulent activity, Google says it has introduced ` `restricted ad serving '' to limit the advertising and influence of advertisers without a proven track record. In addition, a specialized team was formed to deal with fraudulent advertisements using deep fakes that used celebrity portraits. In addition to cracking down on malicious advertisers using generated AI as mentioned above, they also updated their policy regarding inaccurate expressions and promptly suspended the accounts of problematic advertisers.

In 2023, Google blocked or removed 206.5 million ads due to violations of its misrepresentation policies. It also blocked or removed 273.4 million ads for financial services policy violations and more than 1 billion ads for ad network abuse policy violations.

◆3: Initiatives related to political advertising
Google says political ads play an important role in democratic elections, allowing candidates and political parties to raise awareness, share information, and connect with voters.

In addition, Google will ``set identity verification and transparency requirements for election advertisers,'' ``restrictions on targeting of election ads,'' ``require election advertiser disclosure and publish transparency reports,'' and ``improve AI-generated content.'' The company said it has implemented initiatives such as introducing new disclosure requirements and enforcing policies against advertisements that promote clearly false claims. In 2023, the number of new election advertisers has increased by more than 5,000 accounts, while more than 7.3 million election advertisements have been deleted due to crackdowns.

'We don't know what 2024 has in store, but we are confident that by focusing on policy, detection, and enforcement, we will be prepared for any challenges ahead,' Google said in a statement. did.

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