Intel announces program to support small and medium-sized developers to popularize 'AI PC'

As part of the '

AI PC Acceleration Program ' announced in October 2023, Intel has launched the ' AI PC Developer Program ' and ' Independent Hardware Vendor Program' to support small and medium-sized developers in developing software for AI PC. announced the launch of two new initiatives :

Intel Announces New Program for AI PC Software Developers and Hardware Vendors

Microsoft defines an AI PC as having three requirements: ``Equipped with an NPU, CPU, and GPU,'' ``Ability to use the AI assistant Copilot,'' and ``Has a Copilot key.'' Intel has also adopted the same definition. Masu.

Intel's program is an important milestone toward its goal of 'enabling more than 100 million Intel-based AI PCs to optimize and maximize AI by 2025,' and is an important milestone in Intel's already small independent software program. The company is currently working on more than 100 vendor programs, and expects to have more than 300 AI-accelerated applications on the market by the end of 2024.

The program provides access to tools and workflows, AI deployment frameworks, and developer kits, including the latest Intel hardware with Intel Core Ultra processors.

The documentation is designed to help developers take full advantage of Core Ultra processor technology to maximize performance for AI and machine learning applications, accelerating new use cases.

Independent hardware vendors can also join the AI PC Acceleration Program to prepare, optimize, and enable their hardware for AI PCs. Certified partners have access to Intel Open Labs for technical and co-engineering support during the early development phase of hardware solutions and platforms.

Additionally, Intel will provide baseline hardware throughout the program, allowing certified partners to test and optimize their technology to work as efficiently as possible upon release.

'Intel already has 150 hardware vendors around the world participating in the AI PC Acceleration Program,' said Matt King, Intel's senior director of client hardware ecosystem. We're excited to expand our software solutions and bring this momentum to our broadly open developer ecosystem.'

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