Xbox head Phil Spencer criticizes ``Windows is worsening the experience of portable gaming PCs''

In recent years, many portable gaming PCs have appeared, such as

the ROG Ally and Lenovo Legion Go . In an interview conducted by overseas media Polygon, Xbox head Phil Spencer pointed out his own dissatisfaction with using portable gaming PCs, saying, ``I want portable gaming PCs to feel like Xbox. I want to.”

A handheld Xbox is the dream, says Microsoft gaming chief Phil Spencer - Polygon

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Phil Spencer, forever the optimist, hints that he's interested in a Microsoft version of Big Picture Mode for handheld gaming PCs: 'I want my Legion Go to feel like an Xbox' | PC Gamer mode-for-handheld-gaming-pcs-i-want-my-legion-go-to-feel-like-an-xbox/

Phil Spencer Discusses Xbox Handhelds and the State of the Games Industry

Spencer has used portable gaming PCs such as the Steam Deck , ROG Ally, and Lenovo Legion Go, and says, 'I like the fact that Valve, Asus, and Lenovo have innovated with a new form factor of portable gaming PCs.' says. Mr. Spencer is actually playing ' Fallout 76 ' using Xbox Game Pass on Lenovo Legion Go.

However, Spencer points out, ``9 times out of 10 when playing games on these portable gaming PCs, you will see a drop in performance just like a console.'' He also criticized that 'frustration with poor performance is usually a Windows-based issue rather than a device-based issue.'

'We want to be able to launch the Xbox app full screen, but compactly, and still have the full social experience,' Spencer said. They want a gaming PC.''

Foreign media PC Gamers said, ``Spencer is probably thinking about providing a ``unified software experience'' to Windows-based portable gaming PCs.In other words, whether it's ROG Ally or Legion Go. , the idea is that you'll see the same interface and game library on a portable gaming PC.' It can be said that Mr. Spencer's idea has been realized with ``Steam Deck'', which is equipped with a unique Linux-based OS ``SteamOS''. Steam Deck gives users access to the same game library as the PC version of Steam, and the user interface is almost identical to the PC version of Steam's Big Picutre mode.

Steam official mobile gaming PC 'Steam Deck' setup version, equipped with Linux-based OS, the UI looks like this - GIGAZINE

On the other hand, Mr. Spencer did not mention the rumor that ``Microsoft may be working on developing a portable Xbox.'' However, Xbox's hardware team says it is 'looking at possibilities, along with a variety of hardware form factors.'

Spencer is also concerned about games being released on multiple consoles and stores, heavily discounted just weeks after release, and added to game subscription services as soon as they are released. He says, ``It can cost $300 million (about 45 billion yen) to develop one video game.'' Furthermore, he points out that the enormous development costs are creating various problems in the game industry.

According to Spencer, increasing development costs will not only lead to increased monopoly by large game development companies, but also predict a significant stagnation of the console market. Still, Spencer said, 'Every decision we've ever made has been necessary to make Xbox better in the long run. That's not to say that all Xbox fans agree with every decision we make. Not really, but that's the way we do it.'

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