Android 15 may support satellite messaging services

The developer preview 'Android 15 Developer Preview 2' released on March 21, 2024, revealed that the next Android OS '

Android 15, ' scheduled for release in 2024, may support a satellite messaging service using artificial satellites.

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'Android 15 Developer Preview 2', released on March 21, 2024, includes various internal functional and performance improvements, including improvements to the NFC reader, significant improvements to the PdfRenderer API for PDF content, and improvements to the automatic language switching function.

In Android 15 Developer Preview 2, when the signal from your regular mobile network is weak, your device will automatically connect to a satellite network and display a notification that says, 'Your device has connected to a satellite' and 'You can send and receive messages without connecting to Wi-Fi or a mobile network.'

While a separate contract is likely required to use the satellite network, this is the first official confirmation that Android will support sending and receiving messages via satellite networks, allowing Android users to send and receive messages even when they are outside of cellular coverage.

According to Google, Android 15 will allow third-party SMS and MMS applications to use satellite connectivity APIs, but only pre-installed applications will support Rich Communication Services (RCS).

Until now, features such as Starlink's satellite messaging service have been available, but with the addition of support for the satellite messaging service in Android 15 Developer Preview 2, OS-based satellite connection is now possible.

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In addition, Google has published a schedule for the official release of Android 15, and plans to begin working on the stability of the platform and conduct final testing around June 2024. Android 15 will then be officially released once testing is complete.

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