Paid plans that can completely remove ads on Facebook and Instagram may be significantly reduced in price

Meta offers

a ``paid plan that allows you to remove ads on both Facebook and Instagram' ' in Europe, but it has become clear that this plan will be significantly reduced in price. According to reports, the reason Meta is implementing the price reduction is to address concerns from regulators.

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SNS such as Facebook and Instagram are operated based on income obtained from advertisements displayed on the service. However, Meta, the operator of Facebook and Instagram, has introduced a paid ad removal plan only for European users in order to comply with the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) when handling user information.

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However, Meta's paid ad removal plan has drawn criticism from privacy activists and consumer groups. The reason why Meta has been criticized not only by consumer groups but also by privacy activists is because Meta sends users' personal information to its own servers in the United States and uses it for its own advertising services. Meta has introduced a paid ad removal plan and a plan that does not collect personal information because this violates the GDPR, but privacy activists say, ``It has created a situation where privacy cannot be protected unless you subscribe to a paid ad removal plan.'' It has been criticized as 'there is.'

Regarding such a paid advertisement removal plan, Meta executives announced a plan to reduce the monthly usage fee from 9.99 euros (about 1,640 yen) to 5.99 euros (about 990 yen). This seems to be a measure to address concerns from regulators regarding privacy and antitrust laws.

'We need to reach a steady state, so we want to accelerate that process for some time,' said Meta lawyer Tim Lamb, who attended a public hearing held by the European Commission, the EU's policy enforcement agency. Therefore, we proposed to reduce the price of the paid ad removal plan from 9.99 euros to 5.99 euros for a single account, and to 4 euros (approximately 660 yen) for additional accounts.' 'This is far below what the average person should be paying for this quality of service. This is a serious proposition. There is regulatory uncertainty at this time that needs to be resolved quickly.' He revealed plans to reduce the price of the paid ad removal plan.

In response, Austrian privacy activist Max Schrems said, ``Under GDPR, consent for the collection of personal information must be given ``freely''. approach. Even if it is not their intention, it is important to get the user to agree to it, and it is a free and true choice. I do not think that simply changing the amount will make this approach legal. ', and criticized Meta's response.

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