The news site CNET created an article using generated AI and was judged by the Wikipedia community as ``not a reliable information source''

After the IT news site CNET published an AI-generated article in 2022, Wikipedia editors reportedly held a discussion and downgraded CNET's credibility as an information source. Masu.

Wikipedia No Longer Considers CNET a 'Generally Reliable' Source After AI Scandal

AI-generated prompt articles Wikipedia to downgrade CNET's reliability rating | Ars Technica

The news site Futurism reported that since November 2022, CNET has been publishing articles written by AI under the name 'CNET Money Staff.'

It is reported that the news media CNET has been secretly creating articles using AI with the signature 'CNET Money' since November 2022 - GIGAZINE

Further verification revealed that the AI-generated article contained errors, even though it was fact-checked by a human editor.

AI-made articles published on the news site 'CNET' still contained serious errors even after human fact-checking - GIGAZINE

In addition, it was found that not only CNET but also Bankrate and, which is operated by CNET's operator Red Ventures, were generating articles using AI, and eventually the publication of articles generated by AI was stopped. Ta.

CNET has stopped publishing articles due to problem with writing articles using AI - GIGAZINE

The English version of Wikipedia has a page called `` Reliable Sources/Permanent Sources '', which evaluates the reliability of news sites and publications used as sources when writing Wikipedia articles. In January 2023, when it was reported that an AI-made article had been published on CNET, a discussion was held by the editors on the 'Trustworthy Information Source/Permanent Information Source' project page.

Wikpiedia editor David Gerard said, ``CNET used to be considered a general technology RS (reliable information source), but now it has started experimentally publishing AI-generated articles. So far, this experiment hasn't worked, and I wouldn't be surprised if it didn't. I haven't found it yet, but CNET's AI-made article posted on the Wikpiedia article should be removed. ” he said.

At the time of article creation, Wikipedia's 'Trusted Information Sources/Permanent Information Sources' lists CNET as 'Before October 2020,' 'October 2020 to present,' and 'November 2022 to January 2023.' The evaluation is divided into three periods. ``Before October 2020'', ``Technology-related articles were generally considered reliable,'' and the reliability was ``generally reliable in specialized fields.''

'October 2020 - Present': 'CNET was acquired by digital marketing company Red Ventures, which led to a decline in editorial standards. Red Ventures asked CNET editors to publish content more favorably to advertisers. 'We pressured you to do so,' and the reliability is rated 'Not Recommended.'

In addition, the period 'November 2022 to January 2023' has been rated as 'generally unreliable' because inaccurate articles were created due to the adoption of AI.

Furthermore, there is an opinion that Wikipedia should lower the credibility of not only CNET but all websites owned by Red Ventures. Chess, one of Wikipedia's editors, said: 'We shouldn't keep putting the onus on editors to show that Red Ventures will ruin a site. Red Ventures could easily buy another site and We're going to start doing the same thing, and this is where we should focus on the common denominator, Red Ventures, and focus on the issue of spam networks.'

On the other hand, Wikipedia editor JPxG said, ``Honestly, it's an overreaction to classify all media as unreliable just because one writer or one editor made a mistake.'' .It's medieval to do something like that just because someone failed in another media owned by the same parent company.''

A CNET spokesperson told Futurism: 'CNET is the world's largest provider of unbiased, technology-focused news and advice. Our rigorous editorial and product review standards have earned us a reputation for nearly 30 years of trust. Importantly, it is clear that CNET is not actively using AI to create new content. There are no concrete plans to restart it, but future efforts will We will follow the AI policy of

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