Stop publishing articles because CNET is writing articles with AI as a problem

It is reported that CNET, a technology news media, explained in a conference call for staff that it would stop publishing articles created using AI for the time being. Also, even in the same series of media as CNET, publication of articles written using AI will be stopped.

CNET pauses publishing AI-written stories after disclosure controversy - The Verge

In January 2023, web marketer Gael Breton pointed out that ``CNET financial commentary articles have been created by AI since November 2022.'' The author of the article is 'CNET Money', and when you click on the article, what AI wrote is displayed in a small size. Articles using AI were also published on sites other than CNET owned by CNET's parent company Red Ventures, such as Bankrate and

It is reported that the news media CNET has been secretly creating articles with AI with the signature ``CNET Money'' since November 2022-GIGAZINE

'We weren't secretly introducing AI, we were just quietly introducing it,' CNET editor-in-chief Connie Guglielmo said. It is an 'experiment' aimed at supporting the work of

After the article creation by AI was reported, CNET displayed 'This article was reviewed, fact-checked and edited by the editorial staff with the help of the AI engine' directly under the author column of the article in which AI was involved. It looks like However, it was reported that these articles still contained errors even after being fact-checked by human editors.

AI-made articles posted on the news site ``CNET'' still contained serious errors even after human fact-checking-GIGAZINE

According to The Verge, during a conference call for CNET staff on January 20, 2023, CNET executives told staff, ``We will stop publishing all AI-generated content for the time being,'' and ``Bankrate and It has also been decided that and others will stop publishing articles involving AI.' Furthermore, according to The Verge, most of CNET's staff were unaware of the fact that AI was being used to create articles, which Red Ventures' vice president of content Lance Davis explained on a conference call in the wake of the report. It seems that there were many people who said that it was the first time to hear.

The AI used for CNET's article creation is a unique tool built by Red Ventures, and it is possible to generate articles by selecting the domain and section from which to acquire data. The IT-related news site The Verge said that CNET's parent company, Red Ventures, wrote an article using AI, saying, ``Content embedded with highly profitable affiliate links can be searched on Google using SEO (search engine optimization). It claims that it is to efficiently carry out the business model 'to be displayed at the top'.

The dataset used for AI learning is unknown at the time of writing the article, but CNET Executive Vice President (EVP) of Content and Readers Lindsay Turrentine said, ``In the near future, some staff will be given AI tools. We will be previewing it,' he said. The Verge seems to have asked CNET and Red Ventures about the tools and disclosure policies used, but reports that they have been shown a policy of not answering at all.

Pointed out that the article creation AI used by news media CNET ``plagiarized articles of writers of competitors and affiliated sites''-GIGAZINE

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