It turns out that Google News supports sites that publish plagiarized articles that abuse AI

We found that a large number of copied articles that were copied using AI from articles published on news sites were published on Google News. Although Google says it will deal with spam, it does not care how the content is created, and it is expected that news created by AI will continue to be published.

Garbage AI on Google News

The news site 404 Media has confirmed multiple cases. For example, below is an article published on the news site 'heavy.' that reports on a shooting incident at a restaurant.

Jamal Bazile: Hibachi Restaurant Suspect Named by the DA

The article below is a rewrite of heavy.'s news article by AI. The artwork that says 'heavy.' is also used as is.

When I looked at Google News, the heavy. article came to the top, but a plagiarized article was displayed right below.

There are many examples of this; for example, in the image below, an article from a site called Watcher Guru has been copied by two sites.

Also, in the image below, the CBC article has been plagiarized.

When 404 Media contacted Google about this situation, a Google spokesperson said, ``When ranking content, we focus on the quality of the content, not how it was produced. Auto-generated content created for ranking purposes will be considered spam and we will take appropriate action based on our policies.'Google News' ranking system rewards original content that demonstrates things like expertise and trustworthiness. 'The aim is to do that,' and clarified the position that 'there is no problem with AI generating articles.'

According to 404 Media, after contacting Google, it was confirmed that some plagiarized articles had disappeared from Google News search results. However, it is stated that there was no response even after asking Google to confirm ``whether any measures have been taken.''

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