Man kept partying for four days without realizing he had been shot in the head

A man who enjoyed a year-end and New Year's party without incident despite suffering a head injury realized something was wrong and went to the hospital for an examination five days later, only to discover that he had been shot in the head. There was news that it was revealed.

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Student thought he was hit by a rock, had bullet in his head

'Curti festa, trabalhei': ele levou tiro na cabeça e soube dias depois dias.htm

Mateus Fazio (top right), a medical student from Brazil, miraculously survived despite being shot in the head.

Mr. Fazio, a 21-year-old aspiring doctor at the time of writing, was shot while playing with friends on the beach in Rio de Janeiro on December 31, 2023, but at the time he was shot by someone who was joking. He said he thought someone had thrown a rock.

There were people around him who had medical knowledge, but they didn't notice that Fazio had been shot, so they just helped Fazio cool his head with ice.

'I thought someone had picked up a rock and thrown it,' Fazio said in an interview with a local television station. 'If I had heard the sound of a gunshot, I might have noticed it, but I didn't hear anything. And everyone around me was completely normal,' he recalled.

Unaware of his injury, Fazio enjoyed the New Year holidays by swimming in the sea and partying with friends. It was four days after the shooting that Fazio noticed something strange. Fazio, who traveled 200 miles (about 320 km) by car from Rio de Janeiro to his hometown of Juis de Fora, suffered from arm spasms.

'I woke up after a nap and my arm was a little weird. I could feel my fingers moving, but I wasn't sure I could pick anything up,' Fazio said.

Five days later, on January 4, 2024, an examination at the hospital revealed that a 9mm bullet was embedded in Mr. Fazio's brain.

Neurosurgeon Flavio Falcometa explained: ``The bullet compressed the right arm near the area that controls movement, causing inflammation. This caused the arm to move involuntarily.'' doing.

Doctors believe that if the inflammation had started a few millimeters earlier, he could have been left with a serious condition that left his arm or one side of his body paralyzed. said Falcometa.

The two-hour surgery to remove the bullet from his head was successful, and Fazio spent two days in the intensive care unit (ICU) before being discharged from the hospital. Since then, Fazio has been recuperating at home and is said to be recovering well. There also seems to be no signs of any after-effects so far.

Local police are looking for the person who shot Mr. Fazio, but there is no record of anyone firing on the day of the incident, and at the time of writing, there are no reports that the gunman has been identified.

Fazio's mother, Luciana, said, ``The doctors and nurses who examined my son said they couldn't believe it. It's strange that he spent four days with a bullet in his head without realizing anything.'' That's true.''

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