A woman who survived from a fall accident with a hardened abdominal muscle trained

Although it may describe hardened muscles as "steel-like muscle", it is a miracle-like story that it fell off the paraglider and was struck against the rocky place, but it took the life off thanks to steel-like abs. There seems to be.

It was a 47-year-old woman who survived, and he said that he got a lifetime in nine years thanks to regular training.

Details are as below.
Woman survives terrifying paragliding fall ... thanks to her rock hard stomach muscles | Mail Online

Peggy Williams, 47 years old, survived from the accident in Andalusia, Spain. Mr. Peggy had more than two years of paragliding experience and took off normally, but it got caught in a strong rise and warm air current, then dropped after 4 to 5 meters sharp rise and collided with the rocky place. The rock tore Peggy 's stomach and reach the point just before cutting the pancreas.

However, Mr. Peggy was doing abdominal exercise everyday, so it seems that the muscle exercised protected the organs necessary for life support.

Peggy with a robust muscle.

Peggy, who was taken to a hospital in Málaga with a helicopter called by an associate who came to paragliding together, received intensive care for more than 8 days and after having been hospitalized for 2 weeks and a half, she was taken home I returned.

Peggy receiving treatment at the hospital.

"15 times everydaySit upAnd 30 times bicycle sit-up (sit-up exercises by moving feet like bicycle), we were doing running a few times a week, "Peggy says, and the doctor also He says that his life has been protected.

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