A sneeze that saved lives, a man who was saved from spitting out the nose from the bullet that was received at the head

The New Year 's Day in Naples is a life. Some people celebrate the New Year with grand festivities with festivities and festivities on the festival night, many people fire at the moment of the year, three people strike a stray bullet and one man died.

Darco Sangermano, a 28-year-old, one out of three people who hit the New Year's strike in Naples, knocked out the snout from the nose with sneezing immediately after receiving a bullet at the head, and it is not clear whether it is lucky or unlucky In any case, it seems to have surprised doctors "New Year's miracle".

Details are as below.Italian, 28, shot in head on New Year's Eve SNEEZES out bullet ... and feels no pain bar a headache | Mail Online

Darco Sangermano, a 28-year-old man who visited Naples from Turin to celebrate the New Year. Girlfriend who was walking in the city together, said, "When we are walking down the street on the night of the day, suddenly sounds like a van and he says" headache ", so turning around makes me bloody It was testified that it was becoming ".

Mr. Sangermano who was brought to the hospital soon. The consciousness was clear and surprised the people who spit out with a 22-caliber bullet sneezing. Besides saying "I have a bad headache", I do not particularly complain of pain and it is expected to recover steadily without any after-effects.

The bullet that entered from the right side of Mr. Sangermano's head passed through the muscles and crushed the temporal bones, passed through the back of the right eye, struck the nose bone, and he was discharged by sneezing in the nostrils. After the examination Mr. Sangermano left the hospital soon and was able to return to the local Turin.

Mr. Sangermano then took a surgery to remove bone fragments etc. at Morinet Hospital in Turin and he said he was already discharged from the hospital.

"I have never heard of such a story, it is very rare, as far as I know it is the first case in Italy, there will be no precedent in Italy, he is really lucky." Professor Sid Berrone said . "It should have been a fatal injury due to a slight difference, but the bullet that came in from temple passed through the back of the eyes and was taken to the nostrils and was discharged by sneezing.The surgery is a bone fragment It is intended to clean up the wound and it is expected to completely recover without sequelae, "Mr. Sangermano seems to never lose sight.

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