Google releases developer preview version of Android 15, with updates to ``screen recording function'', ``camera control'', ``performance adjustment function'', etc.

The early developer preview build of Android 15 ``Developer Preview 1'' was released on February 16, 2024.

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◆New features
'Developer Preview 1' of Android 15, released on February 16, 2024, is positioned as an early basic build and includes new features and APIs. The specific new features are as follows.

・Ad personalization
The Android AD service has been raised to enhancement level 10 and includes the latest version of the Privacy Sandbox . This will strengthen user privacy protection and advance the development of a personalized ad display system on the app.

・Health Connect
Android 15 integrates ``Android 14 Extensions 10'' centered on `` Health Connect ,'' a platform that allows users to share health-related data collected by apps, and adds support for new data types such as fitness and nutrition.

・File integrity check
An API will be added to the file integrity class ' FileIntegrityManager ' that allows you to use the ' fs-verity ' feature of the Linux kernel. This allows files to be protected with custom cryptographic signatures to prove that they have not been tampered with or contain any corruption.

・Partial screen sharing
You can now share or record only the app window instead of the entire screen.

- Added in-app camera control functionality
App developers will now be able to use the 'Low Light Correction' feature that increases the brightness of the camera preview, and the 'Advanced Flash Intensity Adjustment' feature that allows fine control over the intensity of the flash.

・Communication with virtual MIDI2.0 devices
In addition to supporting MIDI 2.0 devices, communication with apps that virtually reproduce MIDI 2.0 devices will also be supported. This allows you to operate synthesizer apps and other devices in the same way as physical MIDI 2.0 devices.

・Enhancement of Android Dynamic Performance Framework
Android is equipped with the API set ' Android Dynamic Performance Framework (ADPF) ' that allows apps to access information such as power consumption and temperature. Android 15 enhances ADPF to better tune performance.

◆Installation steps
The development version of Android 15 is available on the Android Emulator and can also be installed and used on the following devices.
・Google Pixel 6
・Google Pixel 6 Pro
・Google Pixel 6a
・Google Pixel 7
・Google Pixel 7 Pro
・Google Pixel 7a
・Google Pixel Fold
・Google Pixel Tablet
・Google Pixel 8
・Google Pixel 8 Pro

You can check the installation procedure on the device and the emulator setting procedure on the following page.

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◆Future development schedule
Android 15 will be released in 'Developer Preview 2' in March 2024, 'Beta 1' in April, 'Beta 2' in May, and will be stable in 'Beta 3' in June. is expected to reach. At the time of article creation, the release date of the official version is undecided.

You can check the detailed development schedule for Android 15 at the link below.

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