Meta announces that ``30% Apple tax'' will be imposed on boost posts made on iOS version of Facebook and Instagram

Meta has announced that it will add a 30% fee to the cost of '

boosted posts ' to increase the visibility of advertisers' posts on Facebook and Instagram's iOS apps. This fee system will take effect in late February 2024, and is due to the scope of the ``Apple tax,'' which is collected as a fee on 30% of App Store sales, expanded to include advertising boost costs.

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Meta says, ``Resource-constrained businesses see tremendous value in advertising and have done so for years by boosting their posts to find new customers.In fact, nearly all boosted posting users It’s a small business.”

According to Meta, with an update to the App Store's review guidelines, a 30% commission will now be charged on boosted post sales starting in late February 2024. Therefore, the boosts that can be purchased within the iOS app will be revised to include this 30% Apple tax.

Additionally, due to an update to the App Store's review guidelines, if you want to boost posts through the Facebook or Instagram iOS apps, you'll need to go through a separate payment process. Previously, you were billed after a boosted post was published, but now you will need to pay an additional amount upfront and pay from there before the boosted post is published. thing. 30% Apple tax will be applied at this prepayment stage.

However, to avoid the 30% Apple tax, you can purchase Boost from the desktop or browser versions of Instagram and Facebook. Meta says, 'You should either follow Apple's guidelines or remove the boosted posting feature from your app, the latter of which you don't want because it could take away a valuable way for small businesses to promote their business.' Masu.

The new payment process and pricing will first be implemented in the United States, and will be rolled out to other countries in late 2024.

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