Google renames Bard to Gemini & announces 'Gemini Advanced' equipped with high-performance AI model 'Ultra 1.0' & also announces an app that can use 'Gemini' on smartphones

Google has announced that the name of its chat AI 'Bard' will be changed to 'Gemini'. At the same time, the paid service 'Gemini Advanced' equipped with the high-performance AI model 'Ultra 1.0' was announced, as well as the announcement that Gemini will be included in the iOS version of the 'Google' app and the AI assistant app 'Gemini' for Android. New additions have also been announced.

Google Japan Blog: From Bard to Gemini: Ultra 1.0 and Gemini apps announced

◆“Bard” has been renamed to “Gemini”
Google's chat AI 'Bard' is equipped with multimodal AI ' Gemini '. In December 2023, the improved performance model ' Gemini Pro ' was installed in the English version of Bard, and on February 2, 2024, Gemini Pro was also introduced in the Japanese version of Bard.

And on February 8, 2024, the name of Bard was changed to Gemini. Google explained the reason for the name change: ``Google's mission with Bard is to enable users to experience Google's AI models. To make it clear that we are a technology-enabled product, starting today, Bard will become Gemini.'

◆Paid service “Gemini Advanced” equipped with high-performance AI model “Ultra 1.0”
At the same time as the name change to Gemini, the paid service 'Gemini Advanced' was also announced. Gemini Advanced is equipped with ``Ultra 1.0,'' which claims to be ``the highest-performance and largest AI model,'' and is capable of ``coding,'' ``logical reasoning,'' ``understanding nuanced instructions,'' and ``collaborating on creative projects.'' It is said that the ability to perform complex tasks such as `` has significantly improved.

'Gemini Advanced' is available by subscribing to the '

Google One AI Premium Plan ' which costs 2,900 yen per month. You can already subscribe to the Google One AI Premium Plan from Japan, and there is also a two-month free trial period.

◆Android app “Gemini”
Google also announced the Android app 'Gemini'. In addition to text generation and image generation, the Gemini app will also have assistant functions such as setting timers and starting calls. The English version of the Gemini app has already been released, and the Japanese version is scheduled to be released after the third week of February 2024.

◆Gemini is now available on the iOS version of the Google app
On iOS, it is now possible to generate sentences and images using Gemini inside the 'Google' app. Gemini is already available in the English version of the Google app, and is scheduled to be available in Japan after the third week of February 2024.

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