This is the January 2024 edition of the top 10 best-selling GIGAZINE articles on Amazon!

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El Ateneo, a large bookstore in Buenos Aires, the capital of Argentina.

El Ateneo is a world-famous bookstore that was once featured by National Geographic as the ' World's Most Beautiful Bookstore .' This building opened as a theater called ``Teatro Gran Splendid'' in 1919, and the dome-shaped ceiling is decorated with frescoes by Italian-born painter Nazareno Orlandi . In the early 2000s, the theater was renovated into a bookstore and reopened while retaining its luxurious interior, allowing visitors to browse for books in the beautiful space or enjoy coffee at the cafe attached to the former stage. You can read while drinking.

by Liam Quinn

GIGAZINE releases various manga, books, and articles as e-books not only on the website but also on Amazon's Kindle store. All e-books are eligible for Kindle Unlimited , so Kindle Unlimited users can read them for free. This time, we created a ranking for books that have been digitized from GIGAZINE articles to find out ``What are the most read articles published in December 2023?''

◆1st place: Photo review of “Galaxy Tab S9,” “Galaxy Tab S9+,” and “Galaxy Tab S9 Ultra,” which are labeled as “products that will revolutionize tablet PCs.”

◆2nd place: I tried taking photos and movies with the iPhone 15 Pro Max camera, which can shoot at 5x telephoto and up to 48 megapixels.

◆3rd place: Use multiple apps side by side, collaborate on notepads in real time, and experience the unique usage of large-screen tablets with the Galaxy Tab S9 series

◆4th place: Interview with manga artist Naoki Urasawa, the anime 'PLUTO' incorporates 'this future society I wanted to depict'

◆5th place: Interview with executive producer Masao Maruyama, who worked on the anime “PLUTO” with the idea that “I won’t die unless I complete it.”

◆6th place: Photo review of “DJI Air 3”, a multi-camera drone that can take not only wide-angle shots but also medium-telephoto shots

◆7th place: 'iPhone 15' benchmark & camera review, comparing what has evolved from the previous model iPhone 14

◆8th place: Meta Quest 3's full color pass-through was amazing, allowing you to enjoy an overwhelming MR experience that turns your room into a completely different space.

◆9th place: 'iPhone 15' exterior review, looking at how it has changed from the previous model, including the long-awaited USB-C

◆10th place: Sony's wireless headset 'WF-1000XM5' is an earphone that is extremely comfortable to wear and has natural noise canceling and external sound absorption that you can wear all the time.

In January 2024, reviews of gadgets such as Samsung's Android tablets `` Galaxy Tab S9/S9+/S9 Ultra '', the iPhone 15 series , and Meta's VR headset Meta Quest 3 attracted attention. We also interviewed original author Naoki Urasawa , known for his work on Master Keaton and 20th Century Boys, and executive producer Masao Maruyama about the anime adaptation of the manga PLUTO , which is a remake of an episode of Astro Boy. Many articles were also read.

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