Here is the December 2023 edition of the top 10 best-selling GIGAZINE articles on Amazon!


Christine Zenino

Shakespeare & Company Bookstore , pictured above, is a world-famous bookstore located in the 5th arrondissement of Paris , France.

The first store was opened in 1919 by American Sylvia Beach , and was a popular destination for Anglo-American and modernist literature in Paris, where artists such as Ernest Hemingway ( The Old Man and the Sea ) and Scott Fitzgerald ( The Great Gatsby) gathered. It was the center of It was also the first publisher of James Joyce 's novel `` Ulysses ,'' but it closed due to the Axis powers' occupation of France during World War II. At the time of writing this article, the store is the second generation that took over the name after World War II.

by David Nicholls

GIGAZINE releases various manga, books, and articles as e-books not only on the website but also on Amazon's Kindle store. All e-books are eligible for Kindle Unlimited , so Kindle Unlimited users can read them for free. This time, we created a ranking for books that have been digitized from GIGAZINE articles to find out, ``What are the most read articles published in December 2023?''

◆1st place: I actually bought and tried Costco's New Year's dish 'Ginza Romaiya Western-style New Year's three-tier heavy Costco Original' to see what it looks like.

◆2nd place: I tried using the library 'Lit-Parrot' on Google Cloud Platform, which allows you to easily fine-tune large-scale language models such as GPT using your own dataset.

◆3rd place: Review of how to start and use SNS 'Threads' similar to Twitter, with many features such as 'Up to 500 characters can be posted', '10 images can be posted at the same time', 'Can be viewed from PC', etc.

◆4th place: Review of the in-vehicle hands-free device 'Echo Auto 2nd generation' that allows you to immediately activate Alexa with your voice without touching your smartphone

◆5th place: Review of 3 types of smartphone cases that can protect the camera and display of 'Pixel 7a'

◆6th place: Amazon has released a large tablet 'Fire Max 11' with an 11-inch 2K LCD in the 30,000 yen range, so I checked its performance

◆7th place: What's the difference between 'Pixel 7a' and 'Pixel 7'? After thoroughly examining the processing performance and battery performance, the weaknesses and strengths became clearly visible.

◆8th place: Amazon's first 11-inch 2K LCD tablet device compatible with stylus pen 'Fire Max 11' photo review

◆9th place: A review of setting up and drawing on Amazon's 11-inch 2K LCD tablet 'Fire Max 11' which allows you to draw and take notes with a stylus pen and also has fingerprint authentication

◆10th place: A beginner drawing artist tried out the Wacom One 13 touch, a liquid tablet that is super simple until you start drawing and is the first entry model to have a touch function.

In December 2023, a review article on osechi ryori for New Year's Eve attracted attention, as well as an article introducing how to start ``Threads'', which has seen a rapid increase in the number of users as an SNS to replace Twitter, was also popular. In addition , there is an article reviewing the Google genuine smartphone 'Pixel 7' series , and an article reviewing Amazon's LCD tablet ' Fire Max 11 ' which supports stylus pen and can also draw , from setting up to actually drawing illustrations, etc. It was also read a lot.

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