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Porto Convention & Visitors Bureau

The top image is the Lero bookstore in Porto , Portugal's second largest city.

Founded in 1869, Lello Bookstore has been operating at its current location since 1906 and is considered one of the most beautiful bookstores in the world. J.K. Rowling , the author of the ' Harry Potter ' series, once worked as an English teacher in Porto, and it is said that Lello Bookstore provided inspiration for the Harry Potter series. The exterior has an atmosphere that combines neo-gothic and art nouveau .


Pedro Ribeiro Simões

The Art Deco-style interior is impressive, with a graceful curved bifurcated staircase in the center of the spacious space.

by Wikimedia Commons

GIGAZINE releases various manga, books, and articles as e-books not only on the website but also on Amazon's Kindle store. All e-books are eligible for Kindle Unlimited , so Kindle Unlimited users can read them for free. This time, we created a ranking for books that have been digitized from GIGAZINE articles to find out ``What are the most read articles published in February 2024?''

◆1st place: Apple Watch Series 9 with built-in S9 chip and watchOS 10 finally released Photo review & setup summary

◆2nd place: Apple Watch beginner's review of Apple Watch Ultra 2 after using it for a few days

◆3rd place: Apple's smart watch 'Apple Watch Ultra 2' equipped with S9 chip and improved brightness up to 3000 nits Photo review

◆4th place: With GoPro HERO12 Black, timecode can be synchronized without the need for special equipment, so I summarized the synchronization procedure with an example movie

◆5th place: What has evolved in Apple Watch Series 9 equipped with watchOS 10 and S9 chip? I actually wore it for a week

◆6th place: Benchmarking Google Pixel 8 & Pixel 8 Pro, thoroughly comparing CPU, GPU, and AI processing performance, which has evolved by a generation from the Pixel 7 series

◆7th place: 'GoPro HERO12 Black' can be remotely controlled by connecting earphones and microphone via Bluetooth

◆8th place: Check out the video to see how much image stabilization performance 'GoPro HERO12 Black' has, and how about the performance of 'HyperSmooth 6.0'?

◆9th place: The 2023 model of the classic action camera “GoPro HERO12 Black” is equipped with a tripod screw hole, greatly improving its mobility

◆10th place: This is what the 4K aerial footage that can be shot with the small and lightweight drone 'DJI Mini 4 Pro' looks like

In February 2024, review articles for Apple's smart watches ' Apple Watch Series 9 ' and ' Apple Watch Ultra 2 ' attracted attention, and many articles about the detailed features of GoPro's action camera ' GoPro HERO12 Black ' were also read. I was there.

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