I ate Katsuya's ``Shrimp Mayo and Chicken Cutlet Assortment'' which is a popular double fried food that fills your stomach.

As the first menu in 2024 of the limited-time menu 'Aimori' series that is gaining popularity at the pork cutlet specialty store 'Katsuya', ' Assorted shrimp mayo and chicken cutlet ' will be available from Friday, February 9, 2024. It appeared, so I went to eat.

[Shrimp & Chicken] Deep-fried, volume-oriented 'Assortment of shrimp mayo and chicken cutlet' is now available in Katsuya! | Press release from Arcland Service Holdings Co., Ltd.


I came to Katsuya.

In front of the shop, a panel was erected saying ``Assortment of Shrimp Mayo and Chicken Cutlet''. There are two types: rice bowl and set meal.

This time I ordered a set meal. It was delivered in less than 10 minutes after ordering.

The chicken cutlet is lightly coated with sauce, but the fluffy and crispy texture of the batter remains.

The meat is juicy and the rice goes well.

The shrimp mayo uses shrimp with tails that have been carefully selected for this purpose.

What's on it is not tartar sauce, but a special sweet shrimp mayo sauce. The juicy shrimp that you can eat even the tail goes perfectly with rice.

The chopsticks moved so fast that the rice ran out first.

The ``Shrimp Mayo and Chicken Cutlet Assorted Set Meal'' is 979 yen including tax if you eat in the restaurant, or 961 yen including tax if you take it home. ``Shrimp Mayo and Chicken Katsu Rice Bowl'' costs 869 yen (tax included) if you eat in the restaurant, or 853 yen (tax included) if you take it home.

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