It is revealed that Apple is removing support for PWA in the beta version of iOS 17.4

For years, Apple has introduced a feature called '

Progressive Web Apps ' (PWA) that allows websites to be used as web apps by adding them to the iPhone's home screen. However, it has been reported that support for PWA has been removed in the beta version of iOS 17.4 .

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iOS 17.4 seems to remove web app support in the EU

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PWA is a technology that allows web apps to perform common functions of mobile apps such as displaying icons on the home screen, offline use, and sending push notifications. A feature of web apps is that they can be distributed via a browser without going through an app store such as the App Store. Apple started supporting PWA in 2008.

Apple has previously improved support for web apps in iOS 16.4 , including allowing PWAs to send push notifications with icon badges.

However, it has been reported that support for PWA has been removed in the beta version of iOS 17.4 released in February 2024.

According to developer Maximiliano Filtman, in previous versions it was possible to install PWAs using Apple's genuine browser Safari, but with the beta version of iOS 17.4, it is now possible to install PWAs in any browser. It has become impossible. 'PWAs seem to have been completely disabled,' said Filtman.

Filtman initially thought the disabling of PWA support was a bug. However, in beta 2 of iOS 17.4, which was released later, a dialog saying ``PWAs will now open in your default browser'' was displayed, so it is clear that disabling PWA support is not a bug. I think it has become.

Removal of PWA support effectively means that PWAs are simply treated as shortcuts to websites, all data previously stored in PWAs will be automatically deleted with iOS updates, and websites will become user-friendly. You will no longer be able to send push notifications to.

Please note that all these changes apply only to European users. Several foreign media outlets speculate that the reason for this is ``Europe's Digital Markets Act (DMA).''

Since Apple was designated as a gatekeeper by the DMA, it will allow ``sideloading'' of iOS apps outside the App Store in the EU in January 2024.

Apple allows sideloading and payments outside the App Store in the EU in response to the Digital Markets Act, but strict conditions and new fees will be added - GIGAZINE

Also, one of the requirements set by the DMA is that ``developers must be able to create web browsers using their own engines.'' On the other hand, at the time of article creation, all web browsers available on iOS are only those that use Apple's rendering engine ' WebKit '.

As a result, iOS 17.4 not only allows developers to release web browsers with alternative engines in the EU, but also allows users to choose their default web browser. . However, since PWA is also developed based on Safari and WebKit, Apple is thought to have decided to remove PWA in the EU in order to avoid criticism of ``increasing dependence on WebKit''.

According to foreign media MacRumors, there are signs that iOS 17.4 uses carrier information recorded on SIM cards to delete PWAs only for EU users. Therefore, PWAs outside the EU are not expected to be affected.

Apple admits that it has removed PWA support from iOS, in response to the Digital Markets Act, the impact is limited to users in the EU - GIGAZINE

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