Y Combinator's CEO's abusive language towards politicians online led to threats and death threats being sent

Y Combinator CEO Garry Tan went on a tirade against San Francisco politicians, telling them to die. As a result of this, it has become clear that politicians in San Francisco have received multiple threatening letters from people other than CEO Tan.

Garry Tan, tech CEO & donor, wishes death upon SF politicians

SF supes receive threats in mail following CEO Garry Tan's tweets

More SF supervisors get threats after Y Combinator CEO's posts

On January 27, 2024, Gary Tan, CEO of Y Combinator and known for supporting moderate politicians in San Francisco, USA, announced his (Twitter) on his account: 'Fuck all the shitty Peskin, Preston, Walton, Melgar, Ronnen, Safai, and Chan. If you agree with Peskin, Preston, Walton, Melgar, Ronen, Safai, Chan, etc. then you should all die a slow death. Fuck you,” he posted. Please note that the post has been deleted at the time of writing.

When one of the X users pointed out, ``You look drunk,'' CEO Tan responded, ``You're right. All our enemies are assholes.'' I recognized it.

The seven people CEO Tan lashed out at are members of the San Francisco, California Board of Supervisors . Aaron Peskin said of Tan's outburst, ``This kind of abuse should not be tolerated in our society, especially coming from a tech billionaire.'' ``This is what we learned from Donald Trump.'' The bottom line is that violent speech has a frightening effect on angry people in our society.' He criticized CEO Tan's careless remarks, citing the incident in which former President Donald Trump's supporters stormed the U.S. Capitol.

Movie of the incident where Trump supporters invaded the US Capitol and one woman was shot and killed - GIGAZINE

Ayesha Safai said Tan's comments were 'shocking and horrifying and should not be taken lightly.' 'It's toxic and hateful,' Dean Preston said. 'The fact that I'm stopping evictions, housing the homeless and collecting taxes from the wealthy seems to have angered Mr. Tan.' We need to stop treating Mr. Tan as a serious person.'

In addition, Hilary Ronen avoided mentioning CEO Tan's abuse by saying, ``Don't waste your time'' and ``I've never heard of him.'' Sherman Walton said simply, 'I wish him the best.' Meanwhile, Myrna Melgar said, ``I don't know what I did to end up on this list,'' and ``I've never even met him.''

CEO Tan became CEO of Y Combinator in 2023 after a long career as a technology venture capitalist and founder. Mission Local, a local San Francisco media outlet, describes him as ``a person who is notorious in San Francisco's political world for his short temper and his refusal to co-star with others.'' In fact, Tan has reportedly blocked tens of thousands of politicians, journalists, and activists on X, including people he has never interacted with before.

CEO Tan later said, ``I have apologized to the Supervisory Board for my comments posted late last night. There is no place, excuse, or reason for such behavior and reprehensible words.'' No. I apologize for my words and reflect on my poor decisions. I love San Francisco, and my community holds me accountable to keep San Francisco vibrant, prosperous, and safe. We will continue to focus on our true mission of making this place a place.' In addition, CEO Tan explained that he used abusive language because he quoted the lyrics of `` Hit 'Em Up, '' which caused a conflict between East Coast and West Coast rappers in the past .

CEO Tan has been donating to moderate politicians in San Francisco, and in 2022 will donate more than $50,000 (approximately 7.3 million yen) to the political action committee of GrowSF, a political pressure group. Other contributions include at least $105,000 (about 15 million yen) to a campaign to recall former district attorney Chesa Boudin and at least $20,000 (about 2.9 million yen) to a campaign to recall the school board. made a donation.

CEO Tan has a strong dislike for progressives in San Francisco, and said of San Francisco community organizer Julian La Rosa, who has said in the past that ``millionaires and landowners should be guillotined,'' he said, ``This statement is not a joke.'' No, this guy really wants to guillotine people.''

It has also been revealed that politicians who have been verbally abused by CEO Tan have received threatening letters citing CEO Tan's abusive language. In response, it has been reported that Mr. Peskin and Mr. Chan have submitted a complaint to the police, and according to reports, Mr. Melgar and Mr. Safai also intend to submit a complaint to the police.

Mr. Chan, who filed a complaint with the police, told the police that ``CEO Tan has a close relationship with Mr. Marjane Philhour, a moderate candidate for the supervisory board who is a strong competitor of Mr. Chan.'' ``Forest Liu, a staff member of Mr. Phil Hour, has filed a lawsuit against Mr. Chan because he twice physically threatened Mr. Chan in public.''

The photo below shows the threatening letter Peskin received, with CEO Tan's mugshot printed on it and the message: 'Gary Tan is right! I wish you and your loved ones a slow and painful death.' It seems that it was written, 'I'm doing it.'

Below are the threatening letters that Mr. Peskin, Mr. Preston, and Mr. Melgar received. ``Garry Tan is right!'' is written in large letters, and a copy of the post posted by CEO Tan is pasted as is.

Mr. Melgar received a photograph of CEO Tan's face on the envelope, and a threatening letter was enclosed inside.

Five Jewish members of the Supervisory Board (Mr. Peskin, Mr. Ronen, Mr. Melgar, Mr. Preston, and Mr. Rafael Mandelman) received a threatening letter from an anti-Semite in October 2023. Since then, multiple members have reportedly received letters and postcards with anti-Semitic content.

This is not the first time Tan has threatened members of San Francisco's Board of Supervisors. CEO Tan also posted in October 2023 criticizing Mr. Peskin, and in response, Elon Musk also posted , ``Put Peskin in jail.'' In addition, Mr. Mask has posted twice in the past saying, ``Mr. Preston should be put in prison.''

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