Summary of overseas reviews of Apple's 'Vision Pro', rated as 'by far the best VR/AR/MR headset to date'

Multiple overseas media outlets have published preliminary reviews of Apple's first AR headset, Vision Pro, which will be

announced in June 2023 and released in the United States on February 2, 2024.

Apple Vision Pro pre-reviews, this time with pictures! - 9to5Mac

In the United States, reporters from multiple media outlets have reportedly tried out Vision Pro 12 times so far. According to Apple-related media 9to5Mac, Vision Pro is the most tried-and-tested Apple hardware in Apple history before its release. It seems that the reviewers who participated in the latest trial session were allowed by Apple to ``publish photos of Vision Pro'', and multiple media outlets have published simple wear reviews.

Two reporters at The Verge tried out the Vision Pro and said, ``The Vision Pro is a device shrouded in mystery, but after using it for about 30 minutes, I realized that it was a much more user-friendly device than I had imagined.'' It is written as ``.

Apple Vision Pro hands-on, again, for the first time - The Verge

Vision Pro uses an iPhone to select the appropriate light sticker for the wearer, a process that was 'very similar to setting up Apple's Face ID,' the company says. He also says that the Vision Pro feels 'not that different' from Meta's Quest series or other VR headsets.

After wearing Vision Pro, perform a simple setup (look at a dot and tap with your finger) for eye tracking. After that, visionOS will launch the app launcher. This app launcher is very similar to Mac's Launchpad , with the only difference being that you can see your surroundings in the background.

The Vision Pro has a digital crown on the top right, a structure familiar to Apple Watch users. This digital crown allows you to re-center your home screen and immerse yourself in virtual environments. Furthermore, on the left side of Vision Pro, there is a button for taking spatial photos and spatial videos, which The Verge writes is ``similar to the side button of Apple Watch.''

Eye tracking is fast and accurate, highlighting menu items and buttons as soon as you look at them. The Apple TV app now highlights movie titles, and Safari launches a virtual keyboard that works 'albeit clunky'. On the virtual keyboard, you type by pinching the keys floating in front of you with your fingers. The Verge writes, ``Voice input with Siri is much easier because you can type on a virtual keyboard as fast as moving your eyes and pinching with your fingers.''

The Verge says, ``Vision Pro's virtual world feels like a high-resolution version of Meta's Quest,'' and it's great to watch movie trailers and play high-resolution exclusive videos in a virtual environment. It seems like it was a wonderful experience.

During the trial experience, Apple apparently asked us to prepare our own ``spatial videos'' in advance, but when we played them on Vision Pro, ``I felt the discomfort of familiar VR motion,'' The Verge said. is written. In addition, Apple seems to have said that it is doing everything possible to alleviate this discomfort.

Vision Pro's front display displays the wearer's eyes, which is called EyeSight. It seems that The Verge reporter was able to experience a demo of EyeSight, but it seems that the eyes could not be changed to the wearer's own. However, with EyeSight, it seems that when the wearer blinks, the persona displayed on EyeSight also blinks. When the wearer is using an app on the Vision Pro, a 'bluish glow' appears to indicate that the wearer's attention is elsewhere, and when fully immersed in the virtual environment, it changes to an 'opaque glow' that indicates the wearer's attention is elsewhere. It is now possible for outsiders to know whether or not they are viewing external information.

In addition, The Verge said, ``After about 30 minutes of trial play, I felt the weight of Vision Pro pulling me back to reality.As I was concentrating with wrinkles between my eyebrows, I was starting to get a slight headache.Remove Vision Pro. The tension immediately disappeared.'

Engadget calls it ``absolutely the best VR/AR/MR headset I've ever used.''

Apple Vision Pro hands-on, redux: Immersive Video, Disney+ app, floating keyboard and a little screaming

One of Engadget's reporters who tried Vision Pro said, ``Vision Pro comes with a strap that secures it behind your head, and at first I thought it would be very comfortable.However, after about 15 minutes of trying it out, I started to feel the weight of the Vision Pro and after 5 minutes it started to hurt.To be fair, I should have reported the discomfort to Apple sooner and they had a replacement strap available so I replaced it. 'I should have, but I delayed expressing my discomfort because I didn't want to waste time,' he says of the Vision Pro's feel.

Regarding 'Apple Immersive Video,' which is a 180-degree 3D 8K video recorded with spatial audio, Engadget said, 'I saw a video of a mother and child playing with soap bubbles. It certainly feels immersive, but at the same time it also feels alienating. Of course, no one in the video sees or interacts with you. It's like you're a ghost. How many times have you played 'My daughter's videos from the past'? I got teary-eyed thinking about myself in a few years.' Also, with Apple Immersive Video distributed on Apple TV+, it seems that the experience was so immersive that ``my body physically moved back.''

Regarding the Vision Pro trial experience, Engadget said, ``The eye and hand tracking system is surprisingly accurate, and you can quickly understand how to operate the interface. I'm not sure I'd want to spend hours with this device, and the device's $3,499 price tag is well beyond my budget. 'Of all the VR, AR, and MR headsets we've created, the Vision Pro is by far the best, and certainly the most well-thought-out device.'

Joanna Stern, senior personal technology columnist at The Wall Street Journal, said, 'This is my fourth demo of the Vision Pro, and Apple finally let me take a photo of it while I was wearing it. .My first three demos all used a solo knit band to feel the weight of the Vision Pro on my face.This time I tried a dual loop band, and while it doesn't look quite as elegant, it's definitely more comfortable. It's now more comfortable,'' he wrote on X, saying that changing the band used improved the fit.

'We had an extensive Vision Pro demo today. Ask us anything,' tech blogger John Gruber wrote on Threads, answering a few questions.

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In addition, Apple announced the application that will be available at the same time as the release of Vision Pro on January 16, 2024 local time.

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