Apple's first goggle-type spatial computing device 'Vision Pro' unboxing & overseas review summary

Apple's first VR/MR headset, 'Apple Vision Pro,' will first be released in the United States on February 2, 2024. Despite being priced at $3,499 (approximately 516,000 yen), YouTuber

Marques Brownlee shows a movie showing the unboxing of Apple Vision Pro, which is attracting so much attention that 200,000 units were sold out immediately after reservations started. It's published.

Apple Vision Pro Unboxing! - YouTube

The Apple Vision Pro makeup box looks like this.

When you open the box, the main body of Apple Vision Pro appears.

Below that is a paper case with a copy of 'Designed by Apple in California', which is familiar to Apple products.

This case contains a light seal cushion.

Light Seal is a spacer that attaches to the goggle part of Apple Vision Pro, and the cushion in the face area is available in two different thicknesses.

There are instructions etc. on the light seal cushion.

The instruction manual includes illustrations of how to use and set up.

Apple Vision Pro battery.

The battery capacity is 3166mAh, which is less than the iPhone 15, but it seems to be quite heavy. Mr. Brownlee commented, ``I don't know why it's so heavy.''

And a charging adapter and USB-C cable. The output of the charging adapter is 30W.

microfiber cloth. It seems to be similar to

the polishing cloth that has become a hot topic as a genuine Apple cloth.

The main goggle part of Apple Vision Pro is covered, and when you remove the cover you can see the glass front panel.

The included cloth is for wiping this front panel.

Light stickers allow you to choose the size when ordering.

Turn the dial on the side to tighten the headband and fix the main body to your head, but since the center of gravity is biased towards the goggle part, it seems that the overall weight is applied to the front.

And the case for carrying Apple Vision Pro looks like this. It is said to be well made with a built-in cushion.

The IT news site The Verge has compiled a fairly detailed preliminary review of Apple Vision Pro. The Verge points out the good things about Apple Vision Pro: ``Display with the best pass-through ever,'' ``Hand and eye tracking,'' ``Seamless integration with Apple's ecosystem,'' and ``Window placement with spatial computing.'' The disadvantages include ``too high price,'' ``pass-through can be blurry,'' ``inconsistent tracking,'' and ``creepy persona.''

Apple Vision Pro review: magic, until it's not - YouTube

The weight of Apple Vision Pro is significantly heavier than Meta Quest 3 , which is approximately 515g. Although the battery is external, the Apple Vision Pro is not intended to be moved around while attached, so there is no problem with attaching a battery that weighs about 350g.

Apple Vision Pro is a standalone headset device that works without being connected to a Mac or iPhone. Therefore, all the hardware necessary for operation is built into the goggle part, and the center of gravity is placed on the face. The Verge notes that this weight balance is a trade-off for being standalone, but ``After using the Apple Vision Pro for a few days, a series of questions arise as to whether this trade-off is worth it. 'I did,' he commented.

Apple Vision Pro is equipped with an M2 processor and an R1 processor developed for spatial computing, and is equipped with two fans to dissipate their heat. According to The Verge, the sound of the fan did not bother me while I was using it, but I did feel the heat.

The speaker is built into the arm on the side that connects to the headband, but since it's open, you're concerned about sound leakage, according to The Verge. However, by using AirPods Pro, you can enjoy sound with low latency and lossless 48kHz adaptive audio.

Pass-through is a function in which the image captured by the camera built into the front panel of the goggle part is displayed on the display, but the delay is only 12 milliseconds and the image is very stable, so the quality of pass-through is There were no problems, and The Verge said, ``This is the clearest pass-through that the general public can ever experience.'' However, since it is only a pass-through, motion blur and noise may occur. Also, Apple has not disclosed the exact numbers regarding the horizontal field of view of Apple Vision Pro, but according to The Verge, it was definitely narrower than the Meta Quest 3, which has a horizontal viewing angle of 110 degrees.

With Apple Vision Pro, you can operate it by tracking the movement of your hands and eyes, but the accuracy is quite high, and The Verge says, ``It felt like a superpower.'' However, with the adoption of eye tracking, he commented that ``having to look at what I want to control'' is a fairly distracting element in the work.

The Verge highly praises spatial computing, which allows you to work by placing windows in the space in front of you, but although there are a large number of windows in the space, there is no function to manage them, so improvements can be made. I think there is room for this.

In addition, The Verge has given a negative evaluation of ``persona'' that reads your face and turns it into an avatar, saying it is creepy.

The Verge wrote, 'The Apple Vision Pro is an amazing product, from its incredible display and pass-through engineering, to the way it leverages the entire ecosystem for seamless convenience, to the fact that it almost eliminates the entire external battery situation. 'This is a first-generation device that only Apple can truly create, even to the point where people ignore it,' he said, praising Apple's challenging attitude.

However, he points out that some of the core ideas of Apple Vision Pro are half-finished. He goes on to say, 'The Apple Vision Pro experience is a very solitary experience. You can be there, but no one else can participate. After using Apple Vision Pro for a while, I realized what Tim Cook has been saying for years: I've come to agree that headsets are inherently isolating. I don't want to work with an Apple Vision Pro. I work with other people and would rather 'I want to be here with you,' he said, arguing that he is not suited for a place where communication with others is required.

Tom's Guide , a hardware news site, calls Apple Vision Pro 'a truly amazing product that offers a futuristic eye- and hand-tracking interface, breathtaking 3D visuals, and impressive AR applications.' He gave it a rating of 4 out of 5. Tom's Guide shows how to actually operate the main interface with Apple Vision Pro in the following movie. The setup was very easy, and since the operation itself was done by hand, it was intuitive and he got used to it quickly.

Apple Vision Pro: Main interface and scrolling - YouTube

Tom's Guide also reviews a variety of content. Regarding games in particular, although there is no killer content, AR games that can be operated using hand tracking are considered to be a new sensation, and the ability to play iPad games on a large screen matches the experience of Apple Vision Pro. commented.

Apple Vision Pro is equipped with a feature called 'EyeSight' that displays the user's eyes on the front panel while in use. When EyeSight is activated when someone else enters the room, a flicker of light appears momentarily in the user's field of vision. When you start a conversation with someone, their face appears in your field of vision. Tom's Guide says, ``It's a subtle effect and it looks a little creepy, but it's effective.However, there's still no substitute for temporarily removing the headset.''Although acknowledging the effectiveness of EyeSight, in the end Apple It is said that it is smoother to remove Vision Pro.

To see how the screen displayed on the front panel and display of Apple Vision Pro changes when you talk to others with EyeSight, see the following movie published by Creative Strategies , an IT news site, starting at around 1 minute 54 seconds. You can check it.

My Experience with Apple Vision Pro - YouTube

Tom's Guide says, ``Apple Vision Pro is often put off by its price, but once you put it on and try out all its features, we argue that it's Apple's most innovative product since the original iPhone.'' states. Although he acknowledges that there are few apps that support Apple Vision Pro and that the software is still in its infancy, he says that Apple Vision Pro's tracking and spatial video experience is unparalleled, and that Apple Vision Pro is definitely a breakthrough. Although it is a modern product, it is argued that it is ``an ongoing innovation.''

Economic media CNBC generally rates the Apple Vision Pro experience highly, but says it is disappointing that some apps are not compatible. In particular, 1Password, a password management app, is not compatible, so logging into some apps was a bit troublesome. Also, some iPad apps did not work on Apple Vision Pro, and even if they did, bugs sometimes occurred. It is hoped that developers will optimize this in the future.

CNBC said that the experience with Apple Vision Pro is the most exciting in years, but that the $3,499 price tag for Apple Vision Pro is too high. Although it is an option if it is close to 2000 dollars (about 295,000 yen), he says that it may be a niche product until then.

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