The number of users returning Apple Vision Pro increases rapidly, revealing hidden problems with Apple Vision Pro such as headaches and eye fatigue

Apple's first spatial computer, Apple Vision Pro, was released in the United States on February 2, 2024, ahead of the rest of the world. Apple Vision Pro users became a hot topic on social media at the time of its release, and several users immediately returned the device.

Apple fans are starting to return their Vision Pros - The Verge

The selling price of Apple Vision Pro is extremely high at $ 3,499 (about 526,000 yen). The Verge, an overseas media outlet, reports that the number of users returning Apple Vision Pro is rapidly increasing. The number of users returning Apple Vision Pro is increasing because Apple allows any product to be returned within 14 days of purchase. Some users who purchased Apple Vision Pro on its release date are returning the device.

Threads user Sam Henri Gold wrote, ``Goodbye Apple Vision Pro. It seems the era of spatial computing has not yet arrived,'' and revealed that he returned the Apple Vision Pro.

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Content creator Adam Preiser said, ``I bought an Apple Vision Pro this week, but unfortunately I have to return it. It gave me a bad headache and motion sickness, but I don't think it's because of the Apple Vision Pro.'' I was born with strabismus and had surgery to 'cosmically' correct it when I was 2 years old. This probably causes sensory overload when I wear the Apple Vision Pro, making it difficult to do simple things like watch videos. I can't even concentrate on anything. Maybe the future isn't for me?' she posted.

Parker Ortolani, Product Manager at The Verge: ``What a disappointing day. Believe it or not, I returned my Apple Vision Pro. It's uncomfortable and puts strain on my eyes.'' Apple Vision Pro is clearly the future and works like a charm. But the physical trade-offs aren't worth it for me at the moment. Assuming these comfort issues are resolved, I would like the following I'll wait for the model.'' Ben Schmanke agreed, saying, ``I totally agree with you. Weight and discomfort are the main reasons for returning it.'' In addition, Ortolani complained that a large blood stain formed in his right eye while wearing Apple Vision Pro, and another user also complained of eye pain . However, it is not only Apple Vision Pro users who complain of dry eyes and red eyes, but it seems to be a common problem for VR headset users.

Technology influencer Rjey said, 'I can't wait to return my Apple Vision Pro. It's probably the most shocking technology I've ever tried. But after 10 minutes of use, I can't stand it. 'For the record, I have used other VR headsets in the past and have never experienced any type of headache.' .

The Verge says, ``Everyone's body is different, so sacrificing the comfort of wearable devices is unavoidable.'' ``In the case of Apple Vision Pro, it's not just the hardware, it's extremely expensive.'' 'There are certain things that increase the number of returns.'

'After two hours of using my Apple Vision Pro out of the box, I decided to repack it and return it,' said Alexander Torrenegra, CEO of Torre . I didn't have anything to use,'' the reason for the return.

One Reddit user gave a reason for returning the Apple Vision Pro: 'If you don't use it for productivity, don't like it for entertainment, or don't think there are enough games to play, keep using Apple Vision Pro. I can't justify that.'

Engineer Gui Bibeau said, 'I am planning to return the Apple Vision Pro. Nothing in the coding experience convinces me, especially the moment when the focused text becomes clear, which causes headaches during programming. 'It was,' he wrote.

When Victoria Song, a writer for The Verge, posted, ``I'd like to know what people who have returned their Apple Vision Pro think,'' Carter Gibson, a senior manager at Google, responded, ``Typing is a nightmare. Why can't I connect it wirelessly? I can't see the monitor much. It works to some extent, but I couldn't use it for long periods of time. I can't even look at my phone. Some people say they can read their phone and emails easily. I'm either a superhuman or a liar. Maybe it's just me, but fiddling with windows is extremely tedious. It's not comfortable, but it also causes eye strain.' 'When it comes to file management, it's difficult to multitask between windows. There's also the issue of some file types not being supported, and I don't understand the claim that creating slides with Apple Vision Pro is more efficient than using a mouse and keyboard. 'Hmm,' he responded.

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