'Mushroom Whopper [Winter Spicy]' was a well-balanced masterpiece burger with rich umami mushroom juice overflowing, mixing with the meat and tightening the taste with spicy sauce.

`` Mushroom Whopper [Winter Spicy]' ', which combines 100% beef patty grilled over an open flame with four types of mushrooms and a spicy sauce, appeared at Burger King on Friday, December 1, 2023. It is said to be a dry version of the ``

Mushroom Whopper '' that appeared in October 2023, so let's actually buy it and eat it to see what kind of taste it has by adding dry sauce to the combination of mushrooms and beef. Ta.

2023 limited time product sales No. 1 “Mushroom Whopper” now has a new “Winter Spicy” version!

Arrived at Burger King.

In addition to the Mushroom Whopper [Winter Spicy], there was also a Double Mushroom Whopper [Winter Spicy] with two patties and a small Mushroom Whopper Jr. [Winter Spicy].

I ordered all three and brought them home.

The Mushroom Whopper [Winter Spicy] looks like this.

When I took it apart, there were mushrooms, onions, tomatoes, and lettuce on top of the patty. The mushrooms used are two types of mushrooms, eryngii mushrooms, and bunashimeji mushrooms.

The sauce is pale yellow. If you look closely, you can see small particles of chili pepper.

When I ate it, the juice oozed out from the mushroom and spread in my mouth at once. Anyway, the mushroom flavor comes to the fore, and you can enjoy the overwhelming mushroom power that overshadows the taste of Whopper's characteristic flame-grilled beef patty. The spiciness of the sauce is such that you can feel the tingle just before swallowing, which brings out the flavor.

With each bite of the Mushroom Whopper [Winter Spicy], the mushroom juice and meat juice mixed together, and the umami of the mushroom and meat complemented each other, creating a burger with a rich flavor. On the other hand, an editorial staff member who doesn't usually feel the taste of mushrooms said, ``It feels like it's watery because of the mushrooms.'' For better or worse, the Mushroom Whopper [Winter Spicy] is a burger with mushrooms as its main ingredient, so if you like mushrooms, this is definitely a dish you'll like.

Next, I will try the Double Mushroom Whopper [Winter Spicy].

Double Mushroom Whopper [Winter Spicy] is a double patty version of Mushroom Whopper [Winter Spicy], and the ingredients other than the patty are the same.

In the Mushroom Whopper [Winter Spicy], the taste of the patty was hidden behind the mushrooms, but in the Double Mushroom Whopper [Winter Spicy], you can clearly feel the taste of the patty. On the other hand, I feel that the taste of mushrooms is relatively weak, and since the mushroom juice is absorbed by the patty, there is no ``feeling of mushroom juice spreading all over the mouth''. An editorial staff member who loves Burger King's hamburgers also said, ``I thought Burger King's hamburgers were tastier with more patties, but I want to enjoy the mushrooms with this burger, so one patty is enough.'' The Double Mushroom Whopper [Winter Spicy] is nice because you can enjoy the taste of the patty, but for those who are looking for the taste of mushrooms, I recommend the Mushroom Whopper [Winter Spicy] over the Double Mushroom Whopper [Winter Spicy]. .

Finally, I will try the Mushroom Whopper Jr. [Winter Spicy].

The ingredients used are the same as the Mushroom Whopper [Fuyu Spicy], but the overall amount is smaller, such as the smaller patty size and one tomato.

When I ate it, the ratio of patty to mushroom was similar to the Mushroom Whopper [Winter Spicy], so I could fully enjoy the sensation of the mushroom juice spreading throughout my mouth. For those who think, 'I want to try a mushroom-flavored hamburger, but the Mushroom Whopper [Winter Spicy] is too big,' Mushroom Whopper Jr. [Winter Spicy] is recommended.

In addition, all three Mushroom Whopper Winter Spicy series items will be on sale for a limited time from December 1, 2023 (Friday), and the price is 790 yen including tax for the Mushroom Whopper [Winter Spicy], and 1140 yen including tax for the Double Mushroom Whopper [Winter Spicy]. Yen, Mushroom Whopper Jr. [Winter Spicy] is 490 yen including tax.

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