The United States warns the United Arab Emirates because Abu Dhabi's AI company 'G42' is partnering with Huawei etc.

G42 , an AI company based in the United Arab Emirates, works in partnership with major companies such as OpenAI and AstraZeneca, but the US government has noticed that G42 is doing business with Chinese companies, and We have learned that the company has determined that it has the potential to function as a conduit to provide technology and personal information to the Chinese government.

Warnings Emerge Over Emirati AI Firm G42's Ties to China - The New York Times

US Intel Officials Worry Little-Known Tech Firm Could Hand Americans' Genetic Data To China | The Daily Caller

G42 is a company comprised of various ventures including technology investment funds, artificial intelligence model development, and genome decoding.In addition to partnering with AI company OpenAI and pharmaceutical company AstraZeneca, G42 also collaborates with technology companies such as Microsoft and NVIDIA. It is reported that they are cooperating.

G42's CEO is a Chinese person named Peng Xiao. According to research by the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA), Mr. Xiao was educated and raised in the United States and later transferred his citizenship to the United Arab Emirates.

G42 does business not only with American companies but also with Chinese companies, including a contract with tech giant Huawei for Pegasus, a spy technology manufacturing project designed for law enforcement agencies, as well as technology infrastructure from Huawei. The CIA has pointed out that the Chinese government had received support for the construction of Huawei, and its close ties to Huawei, which is a target of US surveillance, indicate that the Chinese government has access to cutting-edge US technology and millions of Americans. It seems that they have determined that G42 may function as a conduit to access genetic data.

Furthermore, Xiao said that G42 had received significant investment from TikTok's parent company, which is being regulated in the United States, and that G42's subsidiary Presight AI provides software that closely resembles products used by Chinese police. It is reported that the company in the United Arab Emirates called ``Pax AI'', which is managed by the company, has attracted the attention of the United States due to data management issues, and is therefore under suspicion by the United States, which is closely monitoring China for security issues.

According to the New York Times, when Sheikh Tahnoun bin Zayed, the national security adviser of the United Arab Emirates, visited the White House, Jake Sullivan, the US national security adviser, warned about the G42. It is said that he uttered this.

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