Tasting review of “Cup Noodles Covered with Shrimp” and “Cup Noodles Curry Covered with Mysterious Meat” with better ingredients

On November 27, 2023, Nissin Foods will release `` Cup Noodles Shrimp Covered '' and `` Cup Noodle Curry Mystery Meat Covered, '' which are made with special ingredients from ``Cup Noodles.'' It was said that the shrimp contained about twice the normal amount and the mystery meat contained about 4 times the normal amount, so I decided to check the actual situation.

“Cup Noodles Covered with Shrimp” and “Cup Noodles Curry Covered with Mysterious Meat” (released on November 27th) | Nissin Food Group


The one on the left is 'Cup Noodles Covered with Shrimp' and the one on the right is 'Cup Noodles Covered with Mysterious Meat.' It's a package covered in creepy shrimp and mysterious meat characters.

First, try it covered in shrimp. Before that, let's actually check how much shrimp there is by comparing it with regular cup noodles (right).

This is the raw material. The one on the left is covered in shrimp, and the one on the right is the regular one. As a general rule, raw materials are listed in descending order of weight ratio, but if you compare the regular product and the shrimp-covered raw materials, you can see that the position of 'Kayaku (seasoned shrimp)' is different.

The calories are 312kcal for the shrimp-covered version and 351kcal for the regular version.

Next, we quickly discharged the shrimp to visually check the shrimp.

Sort the shrimp.

The amount of shrimp covered in shrimp (left) and regular item (right) are as follows. It looks like there are at least twice as many.

By the way, this is the remaining one. Shrimp covered is a smaller scale other than shrimp.


Let's actually cook and see what happens to the taste when there are so many shrimp.

This is what it looks like 3 minutes after adding hot water. The one on the left is covered in shrimp, and the one on the right is the regular one. The scale is a little difficult to understand, and the impression is that there is less mystery meat than there is a lot of shrimp.

In the first place, with Cup Noodles, it is difficult to create a situation where you eat noodles and oysters together, so even if the oysters are added, the overall taste is the same as regular Cup Noodles. However, if you keep eating noodles and eating oysters over and over again, you'll start to think, ``I can't seem to get enough shrimp.'' However, my honest opinion is that if they were going to call it ``mamire'', they should have covered the noodles so much that they couldn't even see them. It's a good point that the soup tasted more like shrimp than usual.

Next, try the mystery meat covered dish. The base of this is curry flavor. We will also prepare the regular 'Cup Noodle Curry' for comparison.

Comparison of raw materials. Mysterious meat covered (left) does not contain french fries.

The calories are 445kcal for the mystery meat covered item and 422kcal for the regular item.

Open it and take a quick look.

It was very difficult to distinguish between 'mystery meat' and 'other meat,' but the selection was mostly complete.

There is a clearly noticeable difference.

The remaining kayaks.

The absence of fries makes the presence of the mystery meat even more prominent, and you can enjoy the flavor of the mystery meat and the crunchy texture of the mystery meat, which has not fully penetrated the hot water, more than usual. The taste itself did not change, but when I drank the soup after eating the noodles, the mysterious meat that I couldn't pick up came rushing in and my mouth became happy.

The price of 'Cup Noodles Covered with Shrimp' and 'Cup Noodles Curry Covered with Mysterious Meat' is 236 yen excluding tax. It is scheduled to be sold nationwide from November 27, 2023.

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