Liberty Island wins the Shuka Sho and becomes the 7th filly in history to achieve the triple crown.

The most popular Liberty Island won the G1 Shuka Sho held at Kyoto Racecourse on October 15, 2023. Liberty Island also won the Ohka Sho and the Oaks, making her the filly's triple crown.

2023 Shuka Award JRA

2023 Shuka Sho (GI) | 28th | JRA Official - YouTube

[7th filly in history to achieve triple crown! ] 2023 Shuka Sho (GⅠ) Liberty Island Live Commentary: Takeo Kawashima [Kantele Official] - YouTube

The race started in even shape with no horses lagging far behind.

No. 4 Kona Coast took the lead, but No. 9 Mississippi Tesoro and others followed in a large group. I put Liberty Island near the front of the group.

As a group of people came around the third corner, Liberty Island was on the outside of the group.

At the fourth corner, Kona Coast was still in the lead.

As we entered the straight line, Liberty Island suddenly passed through us.

Masked Diva came charging at her from behind, but she was just one horse short, giving Liberty Island the victory.

Liberty Island has also won the Ohka Sho and the Oaks, and with her victory in the Shuka Sho, she achieved the filly triple crown. She is the seventh filly to achieve the Triple Crown, the first time in three years since Daring Tact in 2020.

Jockey camera footage from the jockey's perspective is also available on the JRA official YouTube channel. After finishing the race, you can see Jockey Kawada calling out to Liberty Island , ``Thank you, young lady, for a great run,'' and you can hear the ``Kawada'' call as he returns to the front of the stands for the winning run .

[Jockey Camera] Jockey Camera video of Masamasa Kawada riding Liberty Island | 2023 Shuka Award | JRA Official - YouTube

Even when jockey Kawata won the Oaks, he called out to Liberty Island, ``This is Tokyo, young lady.''

[2023 Oaks Jockey Camera] Jockey camera footage of Masamasa Kawada riding Liberty Island released | JRA Official - YouTube

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