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The horse race's mare No. 1 decision race held today on November 16 "Queen Elizabeth CupTaketoyo jockey rides on immediately after the startPortofinoThere was an accident to fall horse from. Race was 4th most popularLittle AmapolaWon the championship, but Portofino had a goal in front of that one horse.

2008 Queen Elizabeth Cup - YouTube

Immediately after the gate opened, Takeuto jockey fell off. Fortunately, it is done with both shoulder bruises.

Meanwhile, as the weight of the horseman has disappeared, Portofino, whose body became lighter, slipped through the horse group and headed to the top.

After that, at the corner I did not run along the inside latch because there was no jockey, but it sticked out to the outside, but it appeared again on the straight line.

I won the first goal with Little Amapola as it was, but Portofino was going ahead one step ahead.

Even at the Sapporo Nikkei Prize in 1985Gallop DynaButHigashinijiThere is a case that it continued running even after the horsemen's falling horse, and finished with the goal. After that Gallop Dyna challenged the Emperor Award (Autumn) and won the record with a reversal of the 13th most popular rating. I was in charge of live broadcasting at Fuji TV relayMasayuki SakaiAn announcer leaves the word "I am surprised gallop Dyna". In addition, the following images are those of the official JRA channel and are not broadcast images of Fuji TV.

1985 Emperor Award (Autumn) - YouTube

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