Announcement of assistant AI 'Assistant with Bard' capable of everything from travel consultation to SNS text creation, integrating 'Bard' into 'Google Assistant' and making it extremely smart

Google announced the assistant AI ' Assistant with Bard ' at the new product announcement event ' Made by Google ' held on Wednesday, October 4, 2023.

Made by Google Event

Google Assistant with Bard: New generative AI features

Assistant with Bard is an AI assistant that integrates the text generation and inference functions of chat AI 'Bard' with 'Google Assistant'.

Assistant with Bard can also recognize voice and images in addition to text.

Answer questions and complete tasks with information from Gmail, Google Docs, and more.

It is also possible to combine multiple services such as Gmail and Google Maps to answer the question 'Where will the party be held?' while including point information from Google Maps.

Since it can recognize images, it can also perform instructions such as ``Add text for SNS to this photo.''

Assistant with Bard is coming soon.

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