Google plans to announce new features of Google Workspace using the latest large-scale language model `` PaLM 2 '' and generative AI at `` Google I / O 2023 ''

At Google's developer event ``

Google I / O 2023 '' scheduled to be held on May 10, 2023 local time , Google will introduce the latest large-scale language model `` PaLM 2 '' and conversational AI `` Bard ''. News broadcaster CNBC reported that it plans to announce various latest information in the AI field, such as the expansion of .

Google IO to feature AI updates, showing off PaLM 2 LLM

In March 2023, Google began providing an API for the large-scale language model `` PaLM (Pathways Language Model) '' , and announced a new language model `` PaLM-E '' that can understand images captured by cameras and text instructions. , released interactive AI 'Bard' to the public . In April, we developed 'Med-PaLM 2,' an updated version of 'Med-PaLM,' which is PaLM tuned for the medical field, further strengthening our presence in the AI field.

According to an internal document viewed by CNBC, Google plans to announce `` PaLM 2 '', the latest and most advanced large-scale language model, at Google I / O 2023, which is scheduled to be held on May 10. PaLM 2 contains more than 100 languages, and the internal codename is 'Unified Language Model'. Google is reportedly conducting a wide range of coding, math and creative writing tests with PaLM 2.

Google is also strengthening Bard, and is working on making Bard available for coding, mathematics, logic, etc., and expanding to Japanese and Korean. According to another document seen by CNBC, Google is also developing a

multimodal version called 'Multi-Bard' that can use larger datasets to solve complex math and coding programs.

Google also plans to expand collaboration between productivity tools Google Workspace and AI, such as template generation in Google Sheets and image generation in Google Slides and Google Meet. One image seen by CNBC showed a sliding sidebar with a chat box that could generate images based on words typed by the user. Other AI-related updates include use cases for 'Google Lens', which allows you to recognize and examine objects captured by the camera.

The announcement at the event is expected to be on the theme of 'How AI maximizes people's potential', and Google CEO Sundar Pichai plans to give a lecture while promoting the evolution of his company's AI. About.

As a topic scheduled to be announced outside the AI field, CNBC lists the folding smartphone 'Pixel Fold'. On May 4th, the exterior design of the Pixel Fold was revealed, raising expectations.

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