What has evolved in Apple Watch Series 9, which is equipped with watchOS 10 and uses S9 chip? I actually wore it for a week

Apple's smart watch ' Apple Watch Series 9 ' was released on September 22, 2023. Like

the Apple Watch Ultra 2 released on the same day, it is based on the A15 Bionic and uses the S9 chip with improved processing speed and power efficiency, and is equipped with watchOS 10 released on September 18, 2023 by default. I was told that it was, so I immediately put it on and have been using it for a week.

Apple Watch Series 9 - Apple (Japan)

The Apple Watch Series 9 I installed this time is a 41mm GPS + cellular model with a midnight aluminum case, and the band is Sport Loop Cypress. The appearance has been reviewed in the article below.

Apple Watch Series 9 with built-in S9 chip and watchOS 10 finally released Photo review & setup summary - GIGAZINE

watchOS 10 has a significantly redesigned UI compared to the previous version, watchOS 9. The list of apps displayed by clicking once on Apple Watch's Digital Crown looks like this.

Then, when you turn the digital crown, a widget will appear. You will be able to access information with widgets without opening the app.

Double-clicking the Digital Crown allows you to quickly switch between running apps. A major feature of watchOS 10 is that access to various information is overwhelmingly easier than the previous version.

There are four types of new surfaces added in watchOS 10. The ``palette'' uses dynamic colors to highlight various elements of the dial, with gradations that follow the movement of the paste and change as the seconds hand moves across the dial.

'Solar Analog' has an analog style, and the light and shadow change depending on the position of the sun.

'Snoopy' is a design in which Snoopy is literally displayed on the board. When it is on standby, Snoopy is sleeping on top of the hut, and when it is active, you can enjoy watching Snoopy move with various animations.

``Nike Glove'' is a digital-based board with a design that matches the Nike model. The sphere acts as a second hand.

watchOS 10 also includes improvements to the default apps. Among them, the ``Mindfulness'' app is now able to record ``state of mind'' in addition to conventional health care. This means that you can now manage not only your physical health, but also your mental health.

When I opened the 'Mindfulness' app, a button called 'State of mind' was added, so I tapped it.

Then, you can record your mental state at the moment or throughout the day. This time, tap 'Record how you feel right now.'

Then, a screen to evaluate the state of mind was displayed. Turn the digital crown to select your state of mind from ``Very comfortable'', ``Comfortable'', ``Somewhat comfortable'', ``Normal'', ``Slightly uncomfortable'', ``Uncomfortable'', and ``Very uncomfortable''. This time, set it to 'Normal' and tap the check mark on the top right.

Now choose a word that is appropriate for your current state of mind.

Words that can be chosen include ``satisfied,'' ``calm,'' ``exhausted,'' ``calm,'' ``indifferent,'' ``irritated,'' ``stress,'' and ``happy.'' Choose the word that matches your mood and tap the checkmark.

This time, select the word that has the greatest impact.

Options include ``Healthcare,'' ``Fitness,'' ``Hobby,'' ``Identity,'' ``Relationship,'' ``Task,'' and ``Work.'' Once selected, tap the check mark. This records your state of mind.

If you look at the ``Healthcare'' app on your iPhone, you can review your mental state as a log.

In addition to the software evolution with watchOS 10, Apple Watch Series 9 has significantly improved processing power by incorporating the S9 chip based on A15 Bionic. Siri in particular has benefited from this increased processing power.

Previously, Siri was quite slow unless the Apple Watch was online, but the S9 chip makes Siri much faster for functions that don't require being online, such as starting a timer or launching an app. It is said that it is becoming In the movie below, when Siri is commanded on Apple Watch Series 9 with the connection to the Internet and iPhone turned off, the activation of timers and voice memos is processed immediately even when offline. For those who have been using Apple Watch to set timers and alarms by voice when cooking or taking a break, the fact that Siri's processing speed has become faster is a simple but nice point.

Siri processing is faster on Apple Watch Series 9 equipped with S9 chip - YouTube

It is said that the S9 chip has improved power efficiency and battery life, so I checked to see how long the battery actually lasts. I put it on at 8am with the battery charged to 100%.

I kept wearing it for a long time, and the next day around 12:16, the battery reached 10%.

Furthermore, at around 14:05, the battery was down to 5%. I've used 95% of the battery in about 30 hours.

So I took it off my wrist and started charging it.

It was charged to 48% in about 30 minutes from the start of charging.

And it reached 100% at 15:19. This means that it can be charged from 5% to 100% in about 1 hour and 15 minutes.

In actual use, Apple Watch Series 9 has higher processing power and improved battery life than the existing model, but I don't see much improvement compared to the existing model. It was. The easiest thing to understand was the improvement in Siri's response speed, but since there are very limited cases of using Siri on the Apple Watch, some people rarely experience the benefits when using it in their daily lives. maybe. At least if you're using a Series 7 or Series 8 and have no complaints, I don't think you need to buy a new one.

In addition, when searching for the iPhone 15, a function that allows you to search in more detail and accurately was announced at

Apple's new product launch , but at the time of writing this article, it is not available for Apple Watch Series 9 in Japan. And I felt disappointed here.

In addition, the biggest point of this update is that Apple Watch Series 9 supports the 'double tap' function that can be operated by simply moving your finger, but at the time of writing this article, it has not yet been released and will not be released until October 2023. It will be implemented in the watchOS 10 update scheduled for 2020. We plan to try out the double tap feature once it's implemented, so stay tuned.

Apple Watch Series 9 is also available at Amazon.co.jp. The midnight aluminum case GPS + cellular model and sports loop set reviewed this time can be ordered for 74,269 yen including tax for 41 mm, and 79,168 yen including tax for 45 mm.

Amazon.co.jp: Apple Watch Series 9 (GPS model) - 41mm Midnight Aluminum Case and Midnight Sport Loop: Fashion

Amazon.co.jp: Apple Watch Series 9 (GPS model) - 41mm Midnight Aluminum Case and Midnight Sport Loop: Fashion

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