FindMyCat is an open source pet tracker that allows you to track where your pet cat is in real time.

FindMyCat is a pet tracker that allows you to check the location information of your pet cat in real time, make sounds to identify detailed location information, and display the cat's location with an arrow on your smartphone screen. is. FindMyCat is an open source pet tracker with a long battery life that can last for months on a single charge.

FindMyCat - The Open-Source Pet Tracker

FindMyCat - The Open Source Pet Tracker | Launch Video - YouTube

FindMyCat was created by Sahaz, who owns a cat named Pumpkin. The reason he created his own pet tracker was because ``90% of existing pet trackers are like frozen food cooked in a microwave at the price of a five-star restaurant.''

Three points are particularly problematic for pet trackers: battery life, reliability, and closed source.

Another problem with ready-made products is that they cost money, such as having to subscribe to a paid subscription service to continue using the service.

To solve these problems, Mr. Sahaz is working on the open source development of FindMyCat. We focused on three points: ``long battery life (several months)'', ``location tracking both indoors and outdoors'', and ``real-time location tracking''.

FindMyCat meets all of these requirements.

A combination of optimized software, ultra-low-power hardware, and a smart tether feature that determines whether your pet is home or not helps minimize battery consumption. This allows FindMyCat to operate independently for up to 6 months on a single charge.

Equipped with a full-fledged GPS chip for outdoor use and a SIM card slot for mobile communication, this allows you to track the location of your pet cat wherever it is. Location information can be sent as long as there is mobile communication.

The UI is as follows. You can update the location information by pressing the 'Find' button, and it seems that you can also make a sound from the FindMyCat main body by pressing the 'Sound' button.

Furthermore, by making full use of

ultra-wideband (UWB) wireless communication technology and Bluetooth technology indoors, it is possible to accurately measure the distance and direction to your pet.

UWB is a wireless communication technology that is also used in Apple's lost item tracker AirTag , and you can see that how to use FindMyCat is very similar to AirTag.

I tried using ``AirTag'' which helps find lost items by playing Apple's sound and indicating the direction - GIGAZINE

Please note that FindMyCat is developed as open source, and the GitHub repository contains FindMyCat's source code and required hardware list.

FindMyCat · GitHub

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