Amazon announces 'Supply Chain by Amazon', a supply chain that manages all inventory, sales, and delivery

Amazon has announced `` Supply Chain by Amazon, '' which manages the entire supply chain from ``inventory shipment'' to ``product delivery to customers.'' Amazon handles all customs clearance and distribution, and also supports international shipping.

Supply Chain by Amazon

Introducing Supply Chain by Amazon, an automated solution to help sellers quickly and reliably ship products around the world

The overview of 'Supply Chain by Amazon' is as follows.

Through Amazon Global Logistics (AGL) for global suppliers and the Amazon Partnered Carrier Program, which is currently under preparation for domestic suppliers, Amazon will receive shipments from manufacturing sites and handle the necessary distribution.

Inventory is stored in Amazon's warehouses using Amazon Warehousing and Distribution (AWD). AWD automatically replenishes inventory. Upcoming Multi-Channel Distribution (MCD) allows you to maintain inventory in a single inventory pool across all sales and fulfillment channels.

Inventory transported to Amazon's warehouses is packed and shipped according to orders by ' Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA) .' Once MCD is operational, Amazon will not only ship items from Amazon's warehouses, but also from sellers' warehouses.

In this way, Amazon will do most of the work until the product reaches the customer.

Amazon says it plans to add more new features in the coming months and continue to strengthen its supply chain for years to come.

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