Introducing the AI ``MagicEdit'' that can make a movie look like an anime, change the subject, and supplement the parts that are not shown

AI technology is rapidly advancing, and several AIs have been developed that can generate texts and images that are indistinguishable from those created by humans. A new research team at ByteDance, the company that operates TikTok, has developed an AI called MagicEdit that can edit movies just by giving text instructions. MagicEdit allows editing to replace only part of the movie, and it is also possible to add parts of the movie that are not visible.

MagicEdit: High-Fidelity and Temporally Coherent Video Editing

MagicEdit allows you to edit according to the prompt by entering a sentence (prompt) such as ``a pretty girl, pink dress, living room'' along with the original movie. By playing the following movie, you can compare the original movie and the movie edited with MagicEdit.

Movies edited with AI [MagicEdit] #ai-YouTube

With MagicEdit, you can also edit only a part of the movie, such as 'edit only the face'. In the movie below, you can compare the original movie and the movie that replaces the face with MagicEdit. It is a workmanship that you will not notice that it has been edited unless you are told.

Replace only the face of the movie with AI [MagicEdit] #ai - YouTube

In addition, MagicEdit can complement the part protruding from the angle of view of the movie. The example movies below include some that feel strange, but depending on the movie, you can see that it can be supplemented without any discomfort at all.

Add parts that are not shown in the movie with AI [MagicEdit] #ai-YouTube

At the link below, you can browse a large number of examples of movies edited with MagicEdit.

MagicEdit: High-Fidelity Temporally Coherent Video Editing

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