Misudo's autumn 2023 limited menu `` Sweet potato de '' 5 kinds of tasting review, `` like baked potato '' that looks like baked potato itself, and `` honey potato brulee '' with a wonderful balance of crispy & sticky texture

Mister Donut's autumn limited menu `` Sweet Potato Do '' will be available from Wednesday, August 30, 2023. In 2021 and 2022, there will be three types of

sweet potatoes: “Mitsuimo”, “ Daigakuimo ”, and “ Sweet Potato ”. ' has been added to the lineup. In order to enjoy autumn ahead of time, we actually tried 5 types of sweet potatoes for autumn 2023.

Sweet Potato Do|Mister Donut

Mister Donut 'Sweet Potato Do' will be on sale for a limited time from August 30th - 230824_01.pdf
(PDF file) https://www.duskin.co.jp/news/2023/pdf/230824_01.pdf

Arrived at Mister Donut.

At the store, the appearance of sweet potato was being promoted.

I immediately bought 5 types of sweet potatoes.

On the plate on the left are the new 2023 menu items: Maru Yakiimo (216 yen including tax) and Mitsuimo Brulee (183 yen including tax). On the plate on the right are ``Mitsu Potato'' (162 yen including tax), ``Daigaku Imo'' (162 yen including tax), and ``Sweet Potato'' (172 yen including tax).

First of all, let's eat 'like a baked potato'. It is coated with a purple glaze that resembles the skin of a roasted sweet potato, and is also sprinkled with black sesame seeds. It has an elongated shape and certainly looks like a baked potato.

Comparing the size side by side with a transportation IC card.

I wanted to see the cross section, so I cut it with a knife. The Danish pastry is pale yellow and looks more like a baked potato. When I tried eating it, the Danish dough was a little chewy, and had a chewy texture rather than fluffy. You can feel the flavor of potatoes from the glaze, but the taste and aroma of potatoes were not felt so far in the Danish fabric, which was kneaded with about 0.6% of sweet potato powder. There is some sweetness from the glaze, but the fabric itself is not that sweet, and the overall impression is that it is not too sweet.

Next, I will try 'Honey Potato Brulee'. The top is topped with caramelized sugar.

When you turn it over, it looks like this, and you can see that it is based on 'honey potato'.

When I put the knife in to cut it, the layer of caramelized sugar cracked open.

When you eat it, the caramelized sugar layer has a crisp texture and is a good accent, and at the same time you can feel the firm sweetness. As you eat it, the texture of the dough changes to a sticky texture, and the faint aroma of sweet potatoes rises, leaving a lingering aftertaste. The impression is that the sweet potato flavor gradually emerges from the depths of the sweetness of the sugar.

This time I will try three types that have appeared in the past.

``Mitsuimo'' is a moist dough with a sweet potato flavor. It is said that about 1% of sweet potato powder is kneaded into the fabric, and at the same time as the gentle sweetness, the potato-like scent spreads in the mouth.

``Daigaku Imo'' has a strong aroma of black sesame along with the sweetness of honey sprinkled on top. It is characterized by the sticky texture of honey and dough.

'Sweet Potato' is a sweet potato-inspired donut with a moist texture topped with sweet potato cream. Unlike `` university potatoes '', sweet potato cream emphasizes the flavor of potatoes, so I felt that the flavor of potatoes was the strongest among the five types I ate this time.

Five types of sweet potato will be available at Mister Donuts nationwide from Wednesday, August 30, 2023 until late October.

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