Hundreds of monster hunters searching for Nessie gather in Loch Ness, the largest Nessie hunt in the past 50 years begins

There are a large number of eyewitness testimony that the giant creature ' Nessie ' exists in Loch Ness in Scotland, but no evidence has been found to determine the existence of Nessie even at the time of writing the article. Meanwhile, The Loch Ness Center (Loch Ness Center) announced that it will gather hundreds of monster hunters and conduct a large-scale search. At the time of writing the article, more than 200 hunters have volunteered for the search team, and more than 100 remote surveillance teams will also participate in the search.

The Quest Weekend

The biggest hunt for the Loch Ness Monster in 50 years is about to begin | Live Science

The Loch Ness Center will conduct a search operation for Nessie from Saturday, August 26 to Sunday, August 27, 2023. The Loch Ness Center is recruiting volunteer hunters for the search, and at the time of writing, more than 200 hunters have volunteered for the search party.

A drone equipped with an infrared camera is scheduled to be launched in the search for Nessie, and it is expected to map the water temperature by photographing Loch Ness with an infrared camera from the sky and detect anomalies in the heat distribution that are clues to Nessie. It has been. In addition to detecting Nessie's cries with a hydrophone, ``further technology to pursue the truth'' will also be introduced.

Hunters who participate in the search for Nessie are required to keep an eye on the surface of Loch Ness and find mysterious phenomena. In addition, Mr. Alan McKenna, a skilled hunter active in Loch Ness, will teach you how to search and record Nessie.

Hunters who cannot visit Loch Ness during the period can cooperate with remote monitoring through multiple live cameras installed around Loch Ness, and at the time of writing, more than 100 hunters have volunteered to participate in remote monitoring. . You can check the video of the live camera at the following link.

Find the Loch Ness monster: Live Cameras

Since 2018, Loch Ness has been conducting a project to search for clues to Nessie from DNA information present in the water, but no sturgeon or plesiosaur DNA that seems to be related to giant creatures was found. However, since a large amount of eel DNA has been found, there remains the possibility that Nessie is a ``super-giant eel'' or a completely unknown species.

The result of investigating Nessie's identity with the world's largest DNA analysis will be announced - GIGAZINE

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