Design plagiarism pointed out in Tesla's cat house

Tesla is making and selling a cat house for the promotion of the EV pickup truck 'Cybertruck', but Taiwanese cat supplies maker

Hulumao points out that this design is theft of its own cat round chair It is a situation to do.

Tesla cat bed draws plagiarism accusations from Taiwan family firm - Focus Taiwan

'Cybertruck' is an EV pickup truck that Tesla plans to produce from the summer of 2023. It features an angular design.

Tesla's EV pickup truck 'Cybertruck' new prototype sighting information one after another - GIGAZINE

To promote the Cybertruck, Tesla created a cat house that resembles its angular design. We only sell in China.

Cybertruck multipurpose roof tile cat box

Hulumao responded, 'Dear Elon Musk, we don't know each other very well, but thank you for supporting Hulumao's products. However, we certainly did not send the products to Tesla's China branch. And I don't remember licensing the design to Tesla. Isn't there some kind of big misunderstanding?'

When compared, the two products have subtle differences, but the design is almost the same, and it is difficult to distinguish them unless they have the 'TESLA LIFE' logo.

While Tesla announced Cybertruck in 2019, Hulumao's cat chair has been on sale since 2017, so ``Hulumao made a cat chair inspired by Cybertruck's design.'' is impossible.

Hulumao won a design award for this cat chair, but he said he did not have a design patent because he was advised by a lawyer that it would be difficult to obtain intellectual property rights for this type of product. thing. Founder Xiao Shichang commented in an interview with the news site Focus Taiwan, ``I think there is little we can do.''

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