Is genuine and similar work clashing? Finally Capcom's "Monhan" will advance into China

The popular series of Capcom popularly nicknamed "Monhan"Monster HunterIt is clear that it will finally enter the Chinese market.

AlreadyIn China, a game called "HUNTER BLADE" that closely resembles Monster Hunter has appearedHowever, it is likely to crash the Chinese market.

Details are as below.
President of Capcom: Advance to China by "Monhan" announced next year (Update 1 -

According to Bloomberg's report, Capcom 's president, Haruhiro Tsujimoto, as part of its growth strategy, explores the development of "Monster Hunter" online game "Monster Hunter Frontier" in the Chinese market with major local companies It seems to have made it clear that you are negotiating under the water.

I have not touched on where the partner will be, but the prospect of "can be announced in next year" is indicated, and with regard to the same work already being offered in Korea and Taiwan, "Online games are from the beginning "We have to make it a game specification that suits the other side," he said that he showed intention to advance into the Chinese market after steadily solidifying the strategy.

In the Chinese market last year, Beijing Interstitial Network Architecture (JOYCHINA) has released a game that closely resembles "HUNTER BLADE" monster hunter,Even China's game show "ChinaJoy 2010" also released the latest trailer movie that seemed to be more monkeyAlthough it is, will it be that the original work and similar works collide with each other extensively?

This is a play movie of "HUNTER BLADE". It looks similar at the time of screen layout ... ....

YouTube - (Plagiarism MH) China - Hunter Blade - 蜥 蜥 - (霞 龍 ODAZUCHI ??)

The possibility of Ultra C appearing that JOYCHINA and Capcom hand in hand with the fear of collision in the copyright problem and develop "Monster Hunter Frontier" in the Chinese market can be considered slightly, but what kind of future I would like to watch over whether to show the expansion.

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