Live distribution using Discord on Xbox will be possible

The communication application 'Discord' is also compatible with Xbox, and at the time of article creation, you can participate in Discord's voice chat from Xbox. Newly, it became clear that 'the function of live distribution of the game video being played' will be added to Discord for Xbox.

Coming Soon: Xbox Games Direct to Discord

Discord for PCs and smartphones can live stream the game being played by using functions such as `` Go Live '' and `` screen sharing '', but the same function did not exist in the Xbox version application.

Newly, Discord has announced a live distribution function for games for 'Xbox Series X', 'Xbox Series S' and 'Xbox One'. The live distribution function can be used by free users, and if you subscribe to the paid service 'Nitro', live distribution at up to 1080p will be possible.

The start of live distribution on Xbox is said to be 'coming soon'. Also, at the time of writing the article, the live distribution function was released in advance for participants of the `` Xbox Insider Program ''.

In addition, in order to perform live distribution using Discord on Xbox, it is necessary to link a Discord account to Xbox. The account linking process is detailed below.

Discord's voice chat is finally available on Xbox, so I checked the setting method - GIGAZINE

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