The ``trajectory of magnetic force running from a permanent magnet'' captured by a 2000 FPS high-speed camera is amazing

Magnets with strong magnetic force are used everywhere in our daily life, but the magnetic force cannot be seen with the naked eye. However, by wrapping iron sand around a magnet, it is possible to see the magnetic force emanating from the magnet.

The Slow Mo Guys , who has released slow motion images of various phenomena shot with a high-speed camera, has succeeded in visualizing the direction of magnetic force by shooting the moment iron sand sticks to a magnet with a high-speed camera. .

Visualizing Magnetic Fields with Slow Mo #shorts #slowmoguys-YouTube

A permanent magnet wrapped in a plastic bag is attached to a bolt nut suspended from a horizontally passed pipe.

And under that, iron sand is on standby.

When I lifted up the cardboard with iron sand on it, the iron sand danced in the air and stuck to the permanent magnet.

It is like this when capturing the moment iron sand sticks to a permanent magnet with a high speed camera that can shoot at 2000 FPS (frames per second). Iron sand is soaring from the bottom of the screen.

The trajectory until the iron sand sticks is along the direction of the magnetic field of the permanent magnet.

You can clearly see that the direction of the magnetic field draws a parabola from both poles of the permanent magnet.

Even if you shoot with a high-speed camera, you can clearly see that the iron sand is adsorbed at a tremendous speed.

The identity of what is commonly called 'magnetic force' is

electromagnetic interaction , which is one of the four forces (basic interactions) in nature. Everything in the world is made up of atoms, and atoms consist of a nucleus and electrons. When the motions of these electrons are aligned, direction and force are generated in the electromagnetic field . The 'magnetic lines of force' visualized in iron sand are curves consisting of the direction of the electromagnetic field generated between the north and south poles, and in reality there is no invisible power gushing out from the permanent magnet. .

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