Minecraft developer Mojang announces closing of Reddit's official bulletin board, due to protest against API charging


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Reddit, an online bulletin board, has been heavily criticized since it announced a new paid API in April 2023, and various protests have been held, such as Reddit's server going down for three hours . Mojang Studios , which develops the sandbox game `` Minecraft '', announced that it will close the Minecraft official subreddit ` ` r / Minecraft '' on Reddit in response to Reddit's response to protests against the introduction of paid APIs. Did.

So Long, and Thanks for All the Feedback : r/Minecraft

Official Minecraft Subreddit Closing Down Over Reddit Protests


Minecraft's devs exit its 7 million-strong subreddit after Reddit's ham-fisted crackdown on protest | PC Gamer

Originally, 'r / Minecraft', the official Minecraft subreddit, was one of the largest communities on Reddit with about 7.4 million registrants at the time of writing the article. This subreddit was supposed to be a very useful place not only for discussion of the game, but also for technical support and reviewing changelogs.

However, when Reddit announces that API will be charged in April 2023, over 7,000 subreddits will participate in protests out of concern that third-party apps that are essential for moderators may disappear. transformation has taken place.

Some communities plan to make protests private due to concerns about the disappearance of third-party apps due to Reddit's API charging - GIGAZINE

In response to this trend, Mojang Studios announced in the official subreddit on June 28, 2023 local time, ``As you know, Reddit management has recently made changes that lead to rule and moderation changes in many subreddits. With these changes, we feel that Reddit is no longer the right place to post official content or introduce it to players.' Mojang Studios has announced that there will be no new posts in the subreddit.

So Long, and Thanks for All the Feedback
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In response to Mojang Studios' post, one user sympathized with Mojang Studios' decision and asked, ``Is there a good place to check the update history of the game in the future?'' solicited candidates for

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Mojang Studios said, ``Thank you for all the feedback and discussions from everyone,'' and recommends that if you want to convey your feedback on Minecraft to the development team in the future, please visit the official feedback site or contact the official SNS. I'm here. He also said, 'I would very much welcome you to create an informal thread in the future.'

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