A hacker reports that he found a hidden function ``Earon mode'' in Tesla's automatic driving function

Electric car maker Tesla's car, CEO of Elon Musk, is equipped with an automatic driving function called `` Full Self Driving (FSD) '' that can be used as a paid option. This FSD is called 'fully automatic driving' when translated into Japanese, but in reality it is a level 2 driving support system (PDF file) that requires constant monitoring by the driver. A hacker who was studying such Tesla's FSD reports that he has discovered a hidden function that makes driver monitoring unnecessary.

Tesla hacker discovers secret 'Elon Mode' for hands-free Full Self-Driving - The Verge

Tesla's FSD is an optional function of the autopilot function that can be used by paying $ 15,000 (about 2.1 million yen) separately, in addition to the normal autopilot function, lane change on highway and automatic parking function , the function to autonomously drive from the garage to where you are, the function to identify traffic lights and signs and apply the brakes, etc. will be added.

However, the driver had to flick the steering wheel regularly while the FSD was in use to prove that he was constantly watching. In addition, the in-vehicle camera installed above the rearview mirror checks whether the driver is always facing forward, and if the driver is not facing forward, a warning will be issued saying 'Please pay attention to the road'. That's what I'm talking about.

Mr. green, a hacker who analyzes Tesla's system, named the hidden function he discovered 'Earon mode'. In this Earon mode, the driver does not need to move the steering wheel, so it can be driven completely freehand.

In fact, green released a movie on YouTube that runs on the highway with FSD enabled after switching to Elon mode. While driving, I have succeeded in driving the car without touching the steering wheel.

Look ma, no nags-YouTube

Mr. Green seems to have run nearly 600 miles (about 965 km) in Earon mode, but reports that he was able to run without receiving a warning from the system.

However, Tesla's automatic driving system tried to change lanes unnecessarily on the highway for some reason, and it seems that there was a time when the speed was further reduced and it became slow driving. Also, Mr. Green reports that he tried to turn off the autopilot itself when he stepped on the accelerator to exceed 85 miles per hour (about 136 km).

Green says Tesla's software is safer than ever since he started analyzing it in 2017. Green says Tesla's software is more secure than other manufacturers' cars, and it's a 'great puzzle that keeps getting better.'

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