Report that Spotify is planning to introduce a premium plan 'Supremium' compatible with Hi-Fi

It was reported that Spotify, a music distribution service, is planning to introduce a ' Supremium ' plan, which is higher than any other plan so far.

Spotify Plans New Premium Tier, Expected to Include HiFi Audio - Bloomberg

According to Bloomberg, Spotify's most expensive plan, Supreme, may support

Hi-Fi . Spotify was gearing up to launch Hi-Fi in 2021, but with two of its competitors, Apple Music and Amazon Music, starting to offer the feature for free as part of their standard plans, Spotify decided to move to Hi-Fi. It reportedly delayed the deployment of Fi.

At the time of article creation, Spotify's most expensive plan is the ' Family ' plan of 1580 yen per month. According to reports, Spotify plans to extend each existing plan and provide a service that allows you to watch audiobooks for a certain amount of time or a certain number for free.

A Spotify spokesperson told Bloomberg: ``We are always developing ideas to improve our product offerings. No,” he said.

``We are balancing our price revisions with our desire to increase subscribers,'' Spotify CEO Daniel Ek said at a financial results briefing in early 2023. It is reported that they are working on various cost-cutting measures, such as raising the number and announcing that they will reduce the number of employees by about 6% in 2023.

Spotify dismisses about 600 people, about 6% of all employees - GIGAZINE

Supremium is expected to be introduced in markets outside the US in the second half of 2023.

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