If you want to create an excellent story, advice that you should try writing a script

When you want to create an interesting work, it's important to get inspired by reading a lot or watching movies, or just keep creating, but it's also helpful to try writing in a different style. Even if the original work you want to create is a novel or manga, there are many benefits to trying to write in a screenplay format

. Author Crystal Smith Paul, who also publishes novels, says:

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While attending Spelman College , Paul attended the School of Theater, Film and Television at the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA) and received a doctorate in journalism from New York University. increase. In May 2023, Paul published his first fictional work, Did You Hear About Kitty Karr? He says that the screenwriting education he received under the writer and screenwriter Cory Mandel was useful for story production.

Mr. Paul cites that one of the great advantages of writing a script for story production is that it is 'easy to clarify plot points or scene lists.' When you're working on a story, even though there are some fantastical elements of creativity and great scenes, the focus on the 'traditional structure' of the narrative can often strip it of its important and appealing qualities. In that respect, Mr. Paul says that the script lists the excellent points and actions included in the scene and assembles it as a roadmap, so it is useful for constructing a story that does not lose its appeal and creating a plot.

In addition, by making it easier to think about the story by breaking it down into ``sequences of scenes'' in the script, it can help you think about what information should be the main point of the story and what you need to show for that. There is also. When thinking about character utterances and dialogue, if the main points of the story are extracted, it becomes clear who should say what and in what order it makes sense.

In addition, scriptwriting also helps create the plot. Abraham Belize , a professor at the Stanford University School of Medicine and author of the best-selling novel, says from his own experience, ``Even if you spend a lot of time developing the plot the first time, it often deviates as you write. Even so, if you change the plot accordingly and make it easier to check the overall structure later, you can analyze the story better.” According to Paul, even if the plot changes as you write, thinking about the story in terms of scenes gives you the flexibility to change the plot by considering whether the new scenes fit in with the more important scenes. It is said that it is easy to do.

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The next advantage of script writing by Mr. Paul is that it is possible to distinguish between plots and scenes. Both are blueprints for a story, but plots only summarize the story, while scenes, even if they are short and unimportant, are what the characters want and want. The action to get it is drawn. Mr. Paul explained this, 'Because the scene of the script is finally appreciated, it needs a viewer's point of view. This viewer's point of view helps to create a convincing fiction.' I'm here.

Mr. Paul further advises on the consciousness of 'finally appreciated'. All creative people create works based on their own vision, but if you are bound by that vision, you will lose the awareness that your script or novel will eventually be read by someone. . By thinking about the story in terms of scenes based on the script, it becomes easier to maintain objectivity, and it becomes easier to see the story from the reader's point of view, regardless of one's own vision.

Finally, Paul said, ``Writing both a screenplay and a novel takes practice, but it's a skill that can be developed through repetition, so it's important not to lose confidence in yourself and keep going.'' increase.

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