'Google Chrome 114' stable release, many elements to help web development such as beautiful text wrapping and popovers are included

Version 114.0.5735.91, the latest stable version of the web browser ' Google Chrome ' has been released. Features such as CSS properties that wrap text neatly and popovers that bring specific elements to the foreground have been added.

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New in Chrome 114: text-wrap:balance, CHIPS, Popover API and more!-YouTube

◆ It is possible to wrap text beautifully
'text-wrap' has been newly added to CSS properties. By specifying 'balance' as the value of text-wrap, the text will be wrapped as evenly as possible.

Finding the best position to wrap is computationally expensive, so if the text exceeds 4 lines, it will not work.

◆ 'Partitioned' is added to the attribute of Cookie
Third-party cookies are scheduled to be phased out in the second half of 2024, but as of May 2023, it is still possible to share the same cookie between sites.

For example, as shown in the figure below, if the contents of the same site C are embedded in the site A and the site B, the same user accesses both sites A and B based on the cookie information. I understand. Third-party cookies are being phased out because of this privacy violation.

Even with the same 'embedding', there are situations where you want to use third-party cookies in a way that does not infringe on privacy, such as saving settings when embedding widgets. Third-party cookies can still be used by using the 'Partitioned' attribute added from Chrome 114. However, third-party cookies with the 'Partitioned' attribute will store different cookies for each site. This prevents users from being tracked.

◆ Support

popover API
The popover API makes it easy to bring specific elements to the front of the screen.

The popover API has the following features.

・Promotion to the top tier
The popover element is displayed in a special layer that is displayed on top, so it can be used without worrying about z-index.

・Easily close function
Clicking outside the popover element closes the popover and returns focus to the original page. In addition, it is also possible to turn off this function depending on the setting.

・Focus management
While the popover is visible, tabbing will move focus within the popover.

・Keyboard operation possible
Press the 'Esc' key to close the popover.

・Component linkage function
By using the element's ID and the 'popovertarget' property, it is possible to implement the popover function without using JavaScript.

◆ Updating developer tools
Many updates have been made not only to Chrome itself, but also to the developer tools.

・WebAssembly with DWARF support can now be debugged in C or C++

- Ability to highlight autofill related errors
Chrome has a function to automatically enter names, addresses, etc. To help you debug this feature, we now have the ability to show misconfigured forms with a red squiggly line.

・Be able to check the operation of the website
Added the ability to record site actions in the Recorder tab and later replay the same actions to verify if a particular state is reached.

・Lighthouse version upgrade
In audits dealing with URLs, URLs are now displayed by group, and particularly used URLs are annotated with 'CDN' etc.

・Addition of commands related to performance measurement
By using the 'profile()' and 'profileEnd()' commands, it is now possible to measure the performance of the period. Also, by using 'performance.mark()', it is possible to record the timing at which this command was executed.

◆ Origin Trial
Starting with this update, the following features are included in the Origin Trial .

Background Blur API

◆ Deprecated functions
- JavaScript profiler panel has been removed from developer tools
The JavaScript profiler is a deprecated feature, and there is a guide that you should use the Performance panel instead, but you can still restore the JavaScript profiler panel by enabling it in the 'Experiment' tab of the settings screen. is.

Google Chrome 114 also includes 16 security bug fixes .

The next stable version of 'Google Chrome 115' is scheduled to be released on July 18, 2023, local time.

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